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Where is ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Where Was For Your Eyes Only Filmed
For Your Eyes Only

Apart from the story of the films, anything else that attracts the audience is its filming location. Behind the success of a film, its filming locations play a big role. It would be interesting to know about such a film in-depth, wouldn’t it? Especially a film which is a huge hit. Yes, today we are talking about the famous British spy film For Your Eyes Only. The direction, supporting cast, location, and special effects of this film made it a huge hit. In today’s article, we will tell you where For Your Eyes Only was filmed. Also, we will cover the plot summary of this film.

If you are a fan of James Bond, then you must know that letter M is constant in his films. But For Your Eyes Only was a film in which M was not present. The film, which has the most beautiful places, is still regarded as one of the most memorable Bonds on record. For Your Eyes Only is directed by John Glen, who has been the director and editor of the second unit in a few of Bond’s previous films. In this film, James Bond is heading for one of his most exciting adventures in this free race of all the weird, exciting encounters and exciting adventures. No doubt, it is the best performance of his career. On the other hand, Roger Moore portrays Agent 007 with deadly determination. This movie was successful in attracting the attention of people all over the world.

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Where is For Your Eyes Only Filmed?

If you are looking for where was for your eyes only filmed, then let us tell you the blockbuster film has been shot in many different countries. The adventures scenes in the film were shot at numerous locations like the North Sea, Kanoni, Spanish Villa, Greece, The Bahamas, and Italy. On September 2, 1980, the filming of For Your Eyes Only started in the North Sea with a three-day shoot outside St Georges. On September 15, the main photography began at Corfu in Villa Sylva in Canon, just above the City of Corfu. Many local houses were whitewashed for the reasons.

Where Was For Your Eyes Only Filmed

Still from For Your Eyes Only

The incident was shot within 12 days with stunt driver Rémy Julienne. Later, the filming of the film moved to other Greek areas, including Achilleion and Meteora. During the Meteora shooting, the Greek bishop was paid to allow recording in monasteries. In November, the main unit shifted to England, which included internal work in Pinewood. On the other hand, a second unit shot underwater scenes in the Bahamas. Production shifted to Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy on January 1, 1981, where the recording was completed in February. On the other hand, a series of previous credits used the church in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire as a cemetery. The helicopter scenes were filmed at Beckton Gas Works in London.

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For Your Eyes Only Storyline, Cast, Reviews

For Your Eyes Only, which celebrates 40 years this year released in 1981, this 12th installment in the long series, and Roger Moore’s fifth appearance as a man in a tuxedo when the series’ producers did their best. The film, directed by John Glen and produced by Albert R. Broccoli, was a film by EON Productions or United Artists and featured For Your Eyes Only from the collection. On Friday, June 26, For Your Eyes Only was released in a North American show in Canada for about 1100 theaters. The film grossed $ 54.8 million in the United States, becoming the second most lucrative Bond film after its predecessor, Moonraker. This was James Bond’s last film to be released exclusively by United Artists.

Where Was For Your Eyes Only Filmed

For Your Eyes Only Cast

The story of the film starts interestingly. James Bond is on his way to return the ATAC, which is housed in a sinking spy ship St. Louis. Georges. First, Bond detects and defeats an underground spy in France. Moving on to Canada, Bond pursues the Cuban assassin and retaliates. Then in the Bahamas, after quickly stopping some Cuban rebels, Bond sits down to read the story of a former boss, now a millionaire’s wife. This gives countries unlimited control over the Polaris nuclear submarine. When MI6 sends Bond into the struggle, he immediately accuses a man named Kristatos of taking her. The film splits into a series of pieces.

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