Where is Feeling Butterflies Filmed? All The Locations Revealed

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feeling butterflies
'Feeling Butterflies'

A recent release of the year 2022 is ‘Feeling Butterflies’. This movie belongs to the genre of romance and comedy. It is an American movie. This is a Hallmark Channel original movie. Hallmark Channel is famous for producing awesome movies with unique storylines. The star cast of this romantic comedy includes Kayla Wallace as Emily, Kevin McGarry playing the role of Garry, and Ish Morris in the supporting role.

The release date of ‘Feeling Butterflies’ is the 12th of March 2022 and premiered at 8 P.M. ET  on the Hallmark Channel in the United States of America. Whereas in Canada and other countries, the movie premiered on the W network. The movie is directed by Marita Grabiak, and the writer of the storyline is T Booker James.

Feeling Butterflies revolves around a woman named Emily. She runs a small business of delivery butterflies. A simple birthday party becomes the turning point for her small business and life.

If you are planning to watch this romantic comedy, then click here for the trailer of the movie!

What is the Plot of ‘Feeling Butterflies’?

The movie title suggests that it is a cute romantic movie. Emily is the female lead of Feeling Butterflies. She does a small butterfly business. Once she gets the opportunity to deliver monarchs to the birthday party of a young girl.


The father of the young girl is Garrett Thorson. He is a smart and handsome man. But unfortunately, he is a widow. He appoints Emily for her daughter Amanda’s birthday. Then, later on in the movie, the three of them grow closer.

Emily gets multiple orders after the birthday party. This gives extreme exposure and growth to her business. But she fears that she has started liking Garry and do they have a future together. But he moves to New York City, and his girlfriend somehow pops up in the picture. Tune in to Hallmark Channel or the W Network for watching the whole story of Emily and Garrett in ‘Feeling Butterflies’.

feeling butterflies movie
‘Star Cast of Feeling Butterflies (2022)’

What are the filming locations of the movie ‘Feeling Butterflies’?

The shooting location chosen for the movie is the country of Canada. The cool and breezy weather of Canada attracts a large number of filmmakers and producers to shoot for their movies and TV series. The filming of ‘Feeling Butterflies’ took place in and around Canada. Mainly the shooting was done in the capital city of Canada that is Ottawa.

Ottawa, Canada

The city of Ottawa is the largest hub of filming in Canada. The lush green parks, woods, and brooks provide the utmost beautiful locations for the shooting. The world-famous Ottawa Film Office in Canada does the business of more than $15 million every year. The Film Office caters to the action and animation scenes of the movies and TV shows. Ottawa is a beautiful city to live in and is quite populous, being the capital of Canada. The shooting of ‘Feeling Butterflies’ in Ottawa was wrapped within 10 days, as shared by one of the actors of the movie.

capital city of canada
‘Ottawa, The Capital City of Canada’

Almonte, Ontario

A mill town in the eastern part of Ontario is famous for its aesthetic and peaceful locations. The charm of this town is unmatched. Many scenes from the movie ‘Feeling Butterflies’ were shot in Almonte. The small town is at a close distance to the capital city, Ottawa. The filming of many romantic comedy movies took place here. Some of them are A Chаnce for Christmаs, Christmаs Scаvenger Hunt, Christmаs Festivаl of Ice, Christmas Around the Corner and several others. This town is famous for the shooting of Christmas movies due to its snowy location and cold weather.

almonte canada
‘Almonte, a Mill Town in Canada’

‘Feeling Butterflies’ is a movie with a different storyline. If you love rom-com movies, then this movie should be on your watchlist. The locations, acting of the cast, the concept of the movie, and charming butterflies add more reasons for you to watch this movie. Do not miss watching it at any cost.

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