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Where is Endeavour Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Endeavour Filming Locations
Endeavour Filming Locations

British detective show Endeavour filming locations are our focus of attention today here at Otakukart. Firstly, “Endeavour” is a prequel to the famous “Inspector Morse” detective crime procedural series. It follows the life of a young and handsome Endeavour Morse as he refines his instincts solving crimes in the streets of Oxford. Right now, in the eighth season. Secondly, while essentially a British show, many fans wonder where does the crew shoot the photography for this outstanding show? And today, we plan on answering that question.

Endeavour is a melancholy, atmospheric detective series set in Oxford during the 1960s and 1970s, with frequent flashbacks to Morse’s (Shaun Evansearly) days on the Oxford police force. Throughout the seven seasons of the program, he advanced from detective constable to sergeant while solving murder mysteries and trying to maintain his ideals in the face of often corrupt authority. His mentor and father figure are Detective Chief Inspector Fred Thursday, played by Roger Allam.

Endeavour Filming Locations

Endeavour Filming Locations

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Endeavour Filming Locations

British detective series Endeavour’s photography takes place primarily between Oxford and London. Firstly, in Oxford, the filming is mostly on location, from halls in Exeter College and the gardens in Fellows’ Garden. To other locations like the Holywell Music Room, the Lamb & Flag, and the Magdalen College Chapel. Other locations include the Rainbow Bridge, the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, and the Sheldonian Theatre. Secondly, the filming locations in London include Brompton Cemetery, the iconic Royal Albert Hall. The famous Royal Military School of Music, and locations like The Hope and Anchor at Hammersmith and the College of Arms.

Endeavour Cast for Season Eight

The Season 8 cast includes major characters Shaun Evans (Endeavour Morse) and Roger Allam (Fred Thursday), as well as a newcomer, Sara Vickers (played by Joan Thursday). Sara was not seen in Endeavour season 7, but she is expected to return in season 8. Anton Lesser plays Chief Superintendent Reginald, Abigail Thaw plays journalist Dorothea, and Sean Rigby plays Detective Sergeant Jim Strange. In the next section, we will recap Season eight of this sensational detective series.

Endeavour Season 8 recap

As a result, we can see that Morse’s job now is to serve as a bodyguard. Later, the title Scherzo appeared in the second episode. The narrative in this one began in the summer of 1971. Morse and his crew are summoned to a murder scene. On the outskirts of Oxford, a cab driver was murdered inside his own vehicle. There are other obvious indications, such as the fact that assaults on taxi drivers have risen significantly in Oxfordshire. This may be the reason why all of these attacks have now escalated to murder, and the whole population of Oxfordshire is now at the whim of this possible murderer.

Aside from the problems and investigations Morse has been working on in his professional life; his personal life does not seem to be going well. We all watched the visitor arrive at his home, reminding him of the past that Morse badly wants to forget. You should be aware that the eighth season of Endeavour only includes three episodes, two of which have already been broadcast. The seventh season, which premiered in 2020, followed the same formula. If you’re interested in learning more about the series’ future, we’ve gathered all of the pertinent facts in one spot.

Endeavour Filming Locations

Endeavour Filming Locations

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Where to watch Endeavour?

Endeavour aired on ITV. If you missed it, you could stream it in ITV player. But bear in mind that you need to be in the United Kingdom to do it. Streaming the show is completely free. All you need is to sign up to the ITV website. Moreover, the website will ask you for your TV license. In consequence, if you don’t live within the UK. You could resort to a VPN, but those options are unreliable. Additionally, other video-on-demand platforms like Apple iTunes and Amazon Prime Video are available. With this, we conclude our coverage of the Endeavour filming locations. Thank you for reading our article here at Otakukart. And please keep coming back for more daily updates on all your favorite series and movies.

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