Where Is Doc Hollywood Filmed? Filming Locations Revealed

Doc Hollywood is simply the retro pastime with the perfect cast. The movie certainly heralds the virtues of life off the track and without any intricate or overdone script. The movie Doc Hollywood was released in 1991 and hence maintained the quaint sense in the filming locations. The film cast involves Julie Warner, Bridget Fonda, Michael J. Fox, Barnard Hughes, Woody Harrelson, and others in pivotal roles. Doc Hollywood is based on the American doctor and medical writer, who is an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at Emory University, Neil B. Shulman.

Neil B Shulman, famous for conducting clinical research on hypertension, is also the director of the movie Doc Hollywood. In 1991, Neil Shulman’s book, “What? Dead…Again?,” was converted into the movie Doc Hollywood. However, the movie received many negative comments from critics for not being a well-scripted movie. It maintains the humor all through. And considering the originality of the young and small town that the movie has rendered, it has made many fans intrigued by the filming locations. So here we have all the filming locations of Doc Hollywood.

Still from Doc Hollywood

Doc Hollywood Plot Overview

After completing his medical residency, Dr. Benjamin decided to work with Dr. Halberstorm and drive to Beverly Hills for the interview. On the way, he shoves his car in the fence of Judge Evans, who later put him in 32 hours of community service. At the town’s medical clinic, Mayor Nick greets nick with a reception committee and hopes to hire him at the place of Dr. Aurelius Hogue, who is planning to retire soon. Ben tries his way best to fit in with the town members and later is accepted by Hogue soon after he saves Hogue’s life from a heart attack. The town residents accept him as a town doctor. And Hogue personally calls Halberstorm, clarifying Ben’s delay due to the community service, which he mentions as volunteer work.

Ben later shares an intimate night with the driver Lou and later leaves the town to avoid any awkward situation with hank. But fate actually stops Ben when he encounters a young man with his wife in labor. With a short hesitation, Ben stops to help them and ends up with a damaged car once again. Ben’s Porche gets hit by a weary carnival truck which just crashes into the car. However, Ben decides to leave the next day as soon as the car is repaired. Parallelly, the community chips in to buy a ticket to Los Angeles for Ben. And Lou, not wanting Ben to waste his talent, tells him that she will be marrying Hank. Ben, unaware of the fact behind Lou’s feelings, leaves the town. Dr. Halberstrom hires Ben, as suggested by Hogue.

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Doc Hollywood Filming Locations

The filming locations for Doc Hollywood were set in Micanopy, Florida, USA. The small historic town of Florida played a fresh and reliable role in the movie-making. Nobody knew the 600 residents town would be so helpful that the production wouldn’t need to find any new cast members. The town was chosen and is the best fit for the fictional town of Grady S.C. According to the director’s perspective, the town’s preserved heritage shouted the true melancholy of his childhood. The antique shops and areas impressed the production and served best for a fictional town. In an interview, the director represented the movie as his view of America since he was a kid. The movie Doc Hollywood signifies the thoughts of a young boy growing up in the streets of America.

Moreover, the houses of the local residents helped as a shorefront in the production, and so as the local residents. Some of the major shooting spots of the movie were Santa Clarita in California, McIntosh in Florida, and Alachua County in Florida. The other shooting places involve the beautiful places of Virginia and Los Angeles. The production takes us to Richmond in Virginia, Los Angeles, and Mechanicsville in Virginia. And lastly, the Beverly hills scene when Ben Stone is seen running to a restaurant. The restaurant is certainly located at 9489 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, California, USA.

Doc Hollywood Filming Locations
Still from Doc Hollywood

What Happens With Ben And Lou At The End?

The shallowness of Beverly hills soon vamooses Ben, who grew up in a small town all excluded with a strong feeling of despair. Lou let Ben go as she thought he was wasting his talent in the small town of Beverly hills. And Ben, not knowing the feelings she suppressed for him, leaves the town. But, later, he gets to know about Lou when Hank and nancy arrive in Los Angeles with Ben’s Porche. When Hank tells Ben about his broken engagement with Lou, he understands his mistake of leaving Lou alone and returns to Beverly Hills to reconcile with Lou. Ben and Lou end up together, which is the true essence of the movie’s comic love.

Watch Doc Hollywood – Streaming Details

Doc Hollywood, not being a very famous movie, does not make its way to all the streaming services. However, it can be found on Vudu and AppleTV+ to buy or rent. Moreover, it can also be found on Amazon Prime Video under subscription.

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