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Where Is Christmas In Evergreen Filmed? All The Locations Explained

Christmas In Evergreen
Cr- Hallmark Channel

The Christmas In Evergreen Town started in 2017, and now it has completed four years of merry Christmas! Yes, the series has completed four films! As we move ahead, we will talk about the plot of every movie and explain its filming locations. The Hallmark Channel is known to make the most Christmas films. They are films that stream only on television networks (Hallmark Channel.) To date, it has made 60 Christmas films. It also focuses on other holiday themes like Valentine’s and Summer. Essentially, Hallmark films are all about romance and drama. They have extended the two genres to a whole new level. 

Hallmark’s Christmas In Evergreen’s first film got released in 2017. Directed by Alex Zamm, the film got situated in the fictional town of Evergreen. Evergreen is the hometown of magic, beauty, and love. After all, Christmas is the most beautiful and happy time of the year. The town has a magic globe, where people make wishes. Ashley Williams is the female protagonist, but for me, Teddy Sears takes the nod! His charm keeps the magic of the film going till the end. Much was expected from Ashley Williams being the star actor. But she tried too hard to make her role look genuine and noteworthy. The other supporting cast was pretty average otherwise, compared to these two.

Produced by Harvey Kahn, Christmas in Evergreen has a running one hour and twenty-four mins. Kudos to the production house because the filming locations were pretty impressive, giving it a feeling of joyous and magical Christmas. The soundtracks by James Jandrisch have the nostalgic feel of Christmas! Altogether the joy of Christmas is captured well. Let’s dive into the filming locations of Christmas in Evergreen! 

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Filming Locations of Christmas In Evergreen

Ashley Williams & Teddy Sears

Christmas In Evergreen: All Filming Locations Explained

The premiere date of the first chapter of Christmas In Evergreen is in 2017. The second installment is Letters To Santa (2018), directed by Sean McNamara, and the screenplay by Zac Hug. The third part is Tidings Of Joy, directed by Sean McNamara for the second time. The fourth and final installment is Bells Are Ringing. It was a superhit, whose directer is Linda Lisa Hayter. All four films of Christmas In Evergreen have different storylines and actors. But there are many similar things. For example, all the films got set in the same fictional town of Evergreen, Vermont. It’s about Christmas, with science-fiction (magic) and romance. But the exact filming locations are different. Let us check it out!

Most of the films got filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Christmas In Evergreen tells us that their Evergreen town is in Vermont. Vermont because it resides in the North Pole, where it is freezing cold. Having a city in such a place is like magic to happen! The Cinematography and Editing got beautifully executed, which makes us feel like it is indeed in Vermont! The Filming Locations are in Canada, but we also witness Vermont localities, making it look even more real.

The most specific location is the Burnaby Village MuseumBritish Columbia, Canada. During the holidays, many residents travel to the Burnaby Village Museum to spend their holidays. People often visit from May to September. The museum only stays open for special or unique occasions. It is not en enclosed but an open-air museum. You can find the museum in Deer Lake Park, Canada. The Hopcott Farms Weddings and Events took place in Pitt Meadows. Evergreen’s school is in Clayburn Village, Abbotsford.

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Christmas Movies

The Snow Globe

Plot Explained (In-Brief):

The film starts in Evergreen (Burnaby Village,) where we see Allie Shaw (Ashley Williams.) Allie is a small-town girl with big dreams. Shaw was born and brought up in Evergreen. It’s a town where the snow globe boons Christmas wishes. Allie is a vet, and she passionately does her work. But now, she wants to go one step ahead. She plans to go to Washington DC, where she will find a higher-paying job. Allie also wants to meet her ex Spencer who resides in Washington DC. 

She makes a wish on the globe, which offers Allie to get stuck in Evergreen. After the first encounter with the broken truck in the street, Allie and Ryan get to know each other a little. While she is in the airport, she crosses paths with Ryan Bellamy (Teddy Sears) again. Ryan and his daughter Zoe are flying to Florida. Ryan is a single dad and has a blissful talk with Allie. Zeo observes it and makes a wish on the globe. The flights get canceled, and the roads get blocked. No one can go out of the Evergreen town or come in! After that, Ryan and Allie’s love story begins. They spend their Christman In Evergreen!

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