Where Is Cahill U.S. Marshal Filmed? The 1973 American Western Film

cahill us marshal
'Cahill U.S. Marshal (1973)'

An American movie of the year 1973 is Cahill U.S. Marshal catering to the drama and western genre. Let’s talk about Where Is Cahill U.S. Marshal Filmed? This movie is widely known as Cahill. The movie was a hit in the 1970s and is still trending as a classic movie starring John Wayne, directed by Andrew V McLaglen and produced by Wayne’s own production house that is Batjac Productions. The movie Cahill revolves around J.D. Cahill, who is a U.S. Marshal, a widow, and a father of two sons. After watching this action-loaded movie, fans are wondering where is Cahill filmed.

The movie premiered on the cinema screens on the 11th of July in 1973. The supporting cast of this action and drama movie includes several talented actors like George Kennedy, Gary Grimes, Neville Brand as well as Marie Windsor. The movie Cahill U.S. Marshal received mixed reviews from the critics as well as the audiences.

john wayne in cahill
‘John Wayne as J.D. Cahill in Cahill U.S. Marshall’

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‘Cahill U.S. Marshal’ Plot

J.D. Cahill, a U.S. Marshall, was away from his family of two sons. While his sons, Garry Grimes, acting as Daniel Cahill, and Clay O’Brien acting as Billy Joe Cahill, commit a crime. They help a gang leader, Abe Fraser, to release from jail and rob a bank. During this scene, the sheriff of the town gets killed. All the gang members and Daniel get caught red-handed by the police and are sent to prison. At the same time, Billy is held responsible to take care of the money stolen from the bank. Cahill returns and resulting in a confrontation between the gang leader and the Cahill family.

Where is Cahill Filmed?

The filming of the movie wrapped up in the December of 1972. The producers, as well as the filmmakers, wanted a perfect backdrop for filming this action and drama movie. So, they chose the city of Mexico and some of the parts of the pioneer of the entertainment industry that is the United States of America. The maximum part of the movie Cahill U.S. Marshal was filmed in Mexico, but some of the exterior shots were taken in Arizona in the United States of America. Let us dive into the details of the filming locations of the movie Cahill.

Durango, Mexico

The principal location for the filming of the movie Cahill U.S. Marshal is Durango in Mexico. This place is appealing to the directors and the filmmakers due to its architecture and varying sceneries. Durango in Mexico has been the filming spot of nearly 30 movies and is gradually becoming a hub for the shooting of TV shows and movies of the action, western as well as drama genres. The delightful sun shining in this place for the entire year attracts many lenses for filming.

where is cahill filmed
Durango in Mexico

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Sonora, Mexico

Another location chosen by the filming crew for the movie Cahill U.S. Marshal was Sonora in Mexico. Sonora is one of the most beautiful locations in the country for filming movies of the western genre. The shooting of many street scenes of the movie took place in the streets and roads of Sonora. The filming of Cahill U.S. Marshal in Mexico, enhanced the entertainment business of the place. Sites like Sahuaripa, Bavispe River as well as Yaqui River in Sonora were also the shooting spots for the movie.

where is cahill filmed
Sonora in Mexico

Arizona, United States of America

Some of the shots took place in the state of Arizona in the United States of America. Mostly the exterior scenes of the movie Cahill U.S. Marshal were filmed in Arizona. The shooting sites used here were San Rafael Valley, Canelo as well as Elgin. These locations have semi-arid lands giving the perfect touch to the western style genre of the movie.

san rafael valley
San Rafael Valley in Arizona, United States of America

This sums up the answer to Where is Cahill Filmed. The classic John Wayne movie Cahill U.S. Marshal is a perfect blend of western-style and action genres. In case you dig out for these genres, do watch this movie!

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