Where is ‘Beckett’ Filmed? All the Locations & Main Plot

Beckett Filming locations
A still from Beckett

The audience is keen to know the filming locations of Beckett. Filming locations are typically crucial to the success of a film, as a real site captured on camera often works better than a green screen set and a digitally-created setting. The Netflix movie portrays a visitor from the United States who becomes embroiled in a violent political operation. Boyd Holbrook, Vicky Krieps, Daphne Alexander, Alicia Vikander, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos, Olga Spyraki, and Panos Koronis star in Beckett. Ferdinando Cito Filomarino directed the film, which was scripted by Kevin A. Rice based on a narrative by Filomarino and scored by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

The American visitor wants to figure out why corrupt Greek cops are attempting to assassinate him. It turns out that, following the tragic loss of his lover in a car accident, he became unwittingly involved in a plot involving the kidnapping of a politician’s nephew in Athens. The story is set out in Greece, but where was it filmed exactly? Let’s find out!

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Beckett Filming Locations: Was It Shot In Greece?

Indeed Beckett was shot entirely in Greece, primarily in Athens, the country’s capital. Greece is one of the most cost-effective, scenic, and culturally rich filming locations. Producers can get funds through the national banking system thanks to the country’s tax rebate program.

The “Two Hands” mural by artist Pavlos Tsakonas, which can be located near Omonia Square, is one spot in the old city that the audience may remember from the movie. The train station shots were shot in Trikala, a small town in northwestern Thessaly. Additional filming scenes include Zagori, which is home to the stone bridge, as well as Delphi’s ancient ruins.

Beckett Filming locations
The ‘Two Hands’ mural

Creators went to Ioannina, which is located in the Epirus region of northwest Greece. The director chose to film some of the most crucial scenes in the area since location is very significant in storytelling. Tsepelovo, a small and attractive town in the Zagori region of the Ioannina province, was used for certain shots.

The Director Explores Lesser-Known Places

Despite the fact that a portion of the film was shot in Athens, director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino intended to go to “lesser-known places.” He said Stefanos Koutsardakis was the person guiding him through the culture. Stefanos showed Ferdinando how to explore lesser-known spots.

Beckett Filming locations
A still from the movie

Beckett was shot in a combination of filming locations. The makers were in the same spot for two days only. The local crew was crucial in assisting them in understanding how to portray the locations accurately and properly. The crew shot a few clips in Metsovo, which is located in the Epirus region of the Pindus Mountains in northern Greece. In addition, some of the sequences were shot in the picturesque Vikos Gorge valley in northern Greece’s the Pindus Mountains.

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What Is Beckett About?

Beckett, played by John David Washington, and April, played by Alicia Vikande, are American tourists on holiday in Greece. They booked a hotel near Syntagma Square in Athens. Beckett and April had to shift their holiday site owing to a political rally in Athens for Greece’s political leader, Karras. They chose to relocate to a calm location near Ioannina. On their nighttime road journey, Beckett falls asleep, and the automobile slides off the road and collides with a home.

Beckett Filming locations
A still from the movie

Beckett awakens in a hospital to learn that April has died. He laments her loss and holds himself responsible for the disaster. Beckett walks to the scene of the accident and attempts to end his life by ingesting Ambien, which is a sleeping pill. However, a blonde woman fires at him before he can hurt himself. Beckett quickly discovers that the armed lady is working with the cops, who are seeking to assassinate him for a mysterious reason.

Beckett flees the Greek authorities in order to reach the United States Embassy in Athens, which is his lone source of help in a foreign nation. The voyage reveals deeper and darker aspects of political conflict in Greece as he fights to live.

Some Interesting Facts About Beckett

Beckett was going to be called ‘Born to be Murdered’ instead. It was set for a traditional theatre release. Eventually, the distributions rights were taken by Netflix, and the movie changed its name to ‘Beckett’.

Beckett is the first Netflix original movie that was shot in Greece, as well as the first film to be shot in the ancient ruins of Delphi.

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