Where Is Batman Begins Filmed? Production of First of the Trilogy

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Batman Begins
Batman Begins

Batman Begins is a blend of the moments of great vehemence and articulateness. The movie not only delivers the chronology behind the rise and birth of Batman but also the origination of the fictional Gotham City. And unlike so many superheroic summer splendors, Batman Begins honestly has a gut behind the special effects. Batman is tethered behind the rugged idea of the fear of the past, which has been a frequent sentiment of Nolan’s work. The movie starts with young Bruce Wayne traveling to the far east. That is the beginning of his training and somehow the advent of Batman.

Bruce learns martial arts from Henri Ducard, who apart from being a mentor for Bruce is also part of the mysterious League of Shadows. Bruce however, being a different personality, ends up feeling for Gotham city and returns to clean up without any casualties. Ducard reveals the only purpose of the league is to destruct the whole Gotham city and didn’t care about the local people. To avoid the true purpose and with the help of Alfred, his loyal butler, and Lucius Fox a tech expert, Batman rises to power, and the journey begins.

Gotham City

Batman Begins Filming Locations

The filming of Batman Begins started on March 3, 2004. The film is substantially filmed in the United States, the united kingdom, and Iceland. Batman Begins is a set completely based on the fictional city of Gotham. Gotham City was the base for Bruce’s training after he met Henri Ducard at the Bhutanese prison. The training center is set under the league of shadows in Tibet which is originally filmed in the United States. Batman Begins wrapped up with the production on September 17, 2004. However, the production took different locations as the base for their filming locations.

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Surrey, England

The fictional town of Gotham city was originally filmed in England. However, the whole town does not belong to the same filming location and is a mixture of several places. The whole set is an assortment of different locations for the interior and exterior of the city, along with the already established sets in Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England. The studio is situated in Shepperton TW17 0QD, UK, and is largely known as the Studios Rd.

The most fascinating scenes were shot in these studios. And if you believe the monorail scene, Wayne Manor’s interiors, and the Bat-cave scenes are taken somewhere in the original locations, then it is a big disappointment that these scenes are all scripted and set in the studios. The studios were given names as per the scenes of the movie, such as the Studio’s h stage was used to shoot the bat Cave scene, and K stage was used for the master bedroom and young Bruce’s room inside the Wayne manor. And lastly, the J studio was filmed for the interiors of the Monorail.

Batman Begins

Hertfordshire, England

Southern England was mostly covered as the filming locations around the Hertfordshire area. The center of attraction of the area is the Hatfield House and Knebworth House. The Hatfield house was originally built-in 1611 in Jacobean style in the middle of the Hatfield town. However, this is not the first time the house is used in a Batman movie. Batman, which was originally filmed in 1989 and its sequel batman returns, also features the same house.

Moreover, the Knebworth house, which is originally an English country house found in the parish of the Knebworth, is also seen in all three movies. However, the whole house was not used for the filming as the lawn alone served the right purpose. The exterior of Wayne manor’s gardens was featured in the grounds of the Knebworth house. And it’s no surprise if you recognize the house from somewhere else because it has been sued for several concerts as well.

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London, England

London is originally an important filming location and the prime ground for Gotham City. London’s famous Garrick Theatre, which is located at the charing crossroad is used as the filming spot for the opera scene where some actors dressed as bats scared Bruce. Farmiloe Building on 28-36 St John Street in Clerkenwell, London is an important location for the movie and was used for the interior of the meeting for Bruce and Jim Jordan.

The interior of the Gotham City police station was also filmed in Farmiloe Building. Joe Chill was shot by Falcone’s men in the Senate House on Malet Street in Bloomsbury, London. The location was converted into the City of Gotham State Courts’ lobby. Bruce unexpectedly meets Rachel in The Plateau which is a restaurant in the middle of the Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs.

Arkham Asylums exterior scenes are shot in The National Institute For Medical Research at Mill Hill. However, the interior was filmed at a different place to ensure the proper vibe of the asylum. The interior stairs were filmed in the St Pancras Chambers, which is now converted in St Pancras International, a luxurious hotel on Euston Road.

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