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Where Is ‘Afterlife Of The Party’ Filmed? All Filming Locations

Afterlife of the party Filming Locations
Afterlife of the Party is currently streaming on Netflix.

Afterlife of the Party is Netflix’s latest supernatural comedy to hit huge numbers. The Victoria Justice-starrer became the most popular movie on the platform one week after its release. With a crazy plot that entails a shocking twist right off the bat, the movie contains picturesque scenes. The story revolves around two best friends, one of which dies soon after they have a falling out. Contending with a supernatural turn of events, the friends get another chance at reconciliation. The film also contains several eye-catching locations, making fans wonder just where was Afterlife of the Party filmed.

Carrie Freedle has penned the screenplay for the film. Robyn Snyder, Deborah Evans, and Vlokkie Gordon serve as producers. Even though the story takes place in America, the filming locations of Afterlife of the Party were outside the US. Michael Swan helms the cinematography while Jessica Rose Weiss lent the music score. Spoilers for Afterlife of the Party ahead!

Does Cassie die in Afterlife of the party

Victoria Justice plays the party-loving, rambunctious woman Cassie in Afterlife of the Party.  Image credits: Netflix.

Where was Afterlife of the Party Filmed — All Filming Locations

The filming for Afterlife of the Party kicked off on October 21, 2020, in Cape Town, South Africa. The shoot lasted for two months, concluding on November 26, 2020. Although the story is set in America, Afterlife of the Party was exclusively filmed in Cape Town. Multiple different filming locations in and around Cape Town served as the exteriors and interiors for the film. From the coastal views to Cassie’s apartment, the city provided for all the filming locations for Afterlife of the Party.

Cape Town, South Africa Serves as the Prime Location

Cape Town, South Africa, served as the prime location where Afterlife of the Party was mostly filmed. The scenic beauty provided the perfect backdrop for many scenes in the supernatural comedy. Cape Town has proved to be one of the go-to filming locations for film productions. From the conducive infrastructure to scenic landscapes, many productions flock toward Cape Town for filming. Taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic, the filming for Afterlife of the Party underwent the appropriate regulations. The cast and crew of the film updated a lot of details regarding the filming on their Instagram profiles.

Spencer and Victoria Justice frequently took to Instagram to post photos of the filming locations for Afterlife of the Party. Victoria also took to her IG profile to thank the cast and crew a week after the filming concluded. Talking about the filming concluding on Thanksgiving, Victoria thanked the people who worked on the project. Talking about the location where Afterlife of the Party was filmed, Justice shared how special filming in South Africa was.

Why is Victoria Justice famous

Victotia’s IG posts during the filming of Afterlife of the Party.

What is Afterlife of the Party About — Plot Details

Helmed by Stephen Herek, Afterlife of the Party revolves around two best friends, Cassie and Lisa. The two have been besties since the first grade, but adulthood has made them drift apart. Now, Cassie leads a rambunctious life replete with parties and night-outs. On the other hand, Lisa lives a life as an introvert and prefers quiet and seclusion. The plot kicks in when one day, Cassie manages to convince Lisa to go out to a party. However, before the party, they meet Cassie’s new next-door neighbor, Max. There’s a lot of commonalities between Max and Lisa, resulting in them clicking with each other. Later, when Cassie wants to leave with her friends to other parties but Lisa doesn’t, the two start an argument.

Lisa tells Cassie how she’s always trying to pretend to be someone else. The argument unveils the contrast their personalities now have. Following the argument, the two head their separate ways and Cassie to her home. Waking up, having a hangover from the last night, Cassie trips and hits the toilet head-first and dies. She wakes up to find an angel, Val, who explains to her that she’s been dead for over a year. The angel also informs her that she has a list of people she must help. Cassie has to essentially become a guardian angel to these people to get into the “Afterlife party in Heaven”. Lisa is one of the people on the list. And so, Cassie gets on with the task and goes through certain realizations and revelations along the way.

Who Stars in the Film — Cast Details

The cast of Afterlife of the Party includes Victoria Justice as the lead, Cassie. Midori Francis stars as Cassie’s friend Lisa. Robyn Scott stars as Val, Timothy Renouf as Max, and Adam Garcia as Howie. Gloria Garcia plays the role of Sofia. Myfanwy Waring plays the role of Emme. Spencer Sutherland plays the character of Koop. Even though the story takes place in America, the filming locations for Afterlife of the Party were outside the US. If you’re one of those wondering where Afterlife of the Party was filmed, read on to know all about it. Spoilers ahead!

Where to Watch Afterlife of the Party — Streaming Details

Afterlife of the Party is available to stream on Netflix. The film premiered on the platform on September 2, 2021. The film went on to great numbers and attracted a lot of eyeballs. According to some reports, Afterlife of the Party was Netflix’s most popular movie by September 7, 2021.

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