Where Are SHINee Now? Everything To Know About ‘The Kings of K-pop’


Making their debut in 2008 under SM Entertainment, SHINee remains the “Kings of K-pop”. From music to dance, acting, fashion, and makeup, the men of SHINee have been acing every aspect of the industry. The rookie idols look up to them, cover their songs, perfecting their skills. While a decade ago, k-pop had a very specific style and concept for the way idol groups presented themselves. SHINee went on to introduce something nobody was prepared for. Paving their way through the industry with albums like “Lucifer,” “The Misconception Of Us,” and many more, they went on to redefine k-pop and set up trends.

Fun Fact, not many fans know, but SHINee was the first idol group to release choreography practice videos. They are also known to be the ones who “made their own concepts”—being one of the longest-standing groups in k-pop. They’ve been together for more than a decade now. SHINee is filled with talented vocalists, songwriters, dancers, actors, composers, and visuals. From various Golden Disc Awards to Seoul Music and Mnet’s Asian Music Awards, SHINee has won it all. And with their latest album, “Don’t Call Me,” which was released earlier this year, all the love has already been pouring out. Here is everything you need to know about SHINee!!


Onew’s full name is Lee Jin Ki. Being a second-generation k-pop idol, he’s a 98 liner and his birthday is on December 14. Making his debut at the age of 18, Onew is one of the only two idols who were cast by SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man himself. Training since SM Academy Casting 2006, he debuted two years later as the leader of SHINee. Being the lead vocalist of the group, his vocal range is so incredible that fans have termed his voice as ‘honey-like’. His skills are not just limited to strong live performances, but he has aced his acting projects too.

SHINee’s ONEW aka The Leader of the group.

He has had supporting roles in k-dramas like “Dr. Champ,” “Royal Villa,” and “Descendants of the Sun”. And he even won ‘Rookie award’ at the “2016 Scene Stealer Festival” for the latter. Being the leader doesn’t mean Onew is all rough on the group. Even though he’s very reliable, he’s known to be making most mistakes during practices. He is also the ‘Aegyo Master’ of the group. As seen in the fan meetings and the concerts, Shawols call him a ball of sunshine who is clumsy and has hidden powers. As once in a variety show, he chopped a wooden board in two pieces just with a finger flick. Onew is closest to Minho. Before he left for the military, both of them used to live together till 11 years.

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KEY’s full name is Kim Ki Bum. Being a second-generation idol, he’s a 91 liner, and his birthday is on September 23. Hailing from Daegu, KEY auditioned with 8000 people and was the only one who cleared it. Training since SM. National Tour Audition Casting 2005, he made his debut at the age of 16. Serving as the lead rapper, dancer, and vocalist of the group, he is also known to be the fashionista of not just SHINee but the whole SM. Being the fashion director at SM Entertainment, he has been designing SHINee’s stage outfits since 2005. Along with his fashion and model game, he’s been acing acting skills too.

SHINee’s KEY aka the high fashionista

He is like a triple threat as he can hit perfect high notes, act, and style! KEY has been a part of popular musicals like “Catch Me If You Can,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Zorro,” “Chess,” and “Save The Green Planet”. Along with doing movies like “Drinking Solo” and “Hit and Run Squad,” he has also hosted variety shows. His Instagram lives are no less than a variety of shows as he updates his fans about small details from his life. He also has two dogs named “CommeDes” and “Garçons”. And they are VERY popular on Instagram.

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Minho’s full name is Choi Min Ho. Being a second-generation idol, he’s a 91 liner, and his birthday is on December 9. The casting agent from SM Entertainment found him on the street and begged him to audition during middle school. Joining and training at S. M. Casting System 2006, Minho debuted in 2008 at the age of 16. He serves as the main rapper and vocalist of the group, but his other skills are nowhere less. While he looks mature and the responsible member of SHINee, the case is the opposite. As he’s a softball and can be seen goofing around on the stage.

SHINee’s MINHO aka the talented actor

Once while congratulating KEY for not ripping his pants, he ended up ripping his pants and went on to roll off the stage. Minho is close to the other members of SHINee. He once revealed that how lonely he felt when he was separated from the group because of work. He is also a competitive member of the group. And has 40 songwriting credits to his name. Instead of going for a solo career like other members of the group, Minho decided to stick with acting. He went on to join the Marine Corps on April 15 for his mandatory military enlistment. And was discharged on November 15, 2020.

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Taemin’s full name is Lee Tae Min. Being a second-generation idol, he’s a 93 liner, and his birthday is on July 18. Passing the ‘Difficult Saturday Auditions,’ he went on to become a trainee through SM Open Weekend Audition Casting 2005 and debuted at the age of 14. Along with being the maknae of the group, Taemin started as the main dancer of the group. But now has also become the lead vocalist. Not just the ‘Shawols’ but the whole k-pop fandom can not get over the glow-up Taemin went through. However, he might be possessed by the soul of Micheal Jackson.

SHINee’s Taemin aka ‘that k-pop dude’

From his singing skill to his visuals, he has gone from being tone-deaf to one of the best voices out there in the industry. Taemin has also become the meme king and is globally known as “That K-pop Dude”. Out of all the members, he is the first one to go solo and became one of the most successful soloists out there in K-pop. He made his acting debut with the action-packed Amazon Prime drama “Final Life- Even If You Disappear Tomorrow”. Having a niche in ‘Popping,’ Taemin has been working on his contemporary dance skills.

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JONGHYUN (Gone Too Soon)

Kim Jong Hyun was the main vocalist of SHINee. He was born on April 8, 1990. He joined S.M. Casting System in 2005 and went on to debut at the age of 18. Since school time, Jonghyun had been performing in events as a part of the school band. He released his debut solo album named “BASE” in 2015.

SHINee’s JONGHYUN, gone too soon

He remains one of the most underappreciated artists. Having five solo albums, 77 songwriting credits, and 53 composing credits to his name. He also published a book named “Diphylleia Grayi”. And had worked with IU, Son Dambi, Lim Kim, and a lot more artists as a songwriter and composers. On December 18, 2017, Jonghyun passed away because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The police ruled it out as a suicide.

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SHINee: Where Are They Now?

After the demise of Kim Jong Hyun, things got hard for the boys of SHINee. In the year 2018, now SHINee went on to release their first album titled ‘The Story of Light: Epilogue’ as a  four-piece group. After that, the boys went on to take a break from the group and went on to work on their solo careers. And Minho, Onew, and KEY went on to enlist in the military. But their career as the legendary idol group ‘SHINee’ is too precious to give up on.  Coming together after two years of focusing on their solo careers, in January 2021, SHINee went on to announce that they will be working on some new music. Their agency too released a statement confirming that SHINee is preparing a new album.

shinee comeback
Surprising their fans, SHINee announced their comeback in early 2021.

The comeback schedule was announced to be set in February 2021. Releasing a comeback teaser on SM Entertainment’s SMTOWN LIVE Culture Humanity Livestream concert. Together as THE ‘SHINee’, they went on to release their recent album ‘Don’t Call Now’ in February 2021. The album was a new genre for the boys to try but they aced it like any other album they released in the older time. The vibe of ‘Don’t Call Now’ was filled with a dark R&B hip-hop track with intense energy.

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‘Don’t Call Me’ Brought The New and Old Fans Together!

While the old fans were already enjoying the music, SHINee also gained a LOT of new Shawols. Through the title song of the album, they went on the call out the exes who kept clinging to them. While the album also had songs with retro-pop R&B, darker synth-pop sounds, some slow jam R&B with keyboard, and the band. Along with a few erotics and ballad songs. With this one, SHINee went on to hit hard at the feelings trapped inside the heart. And looking at the ghosting scenario and the number of breakups that people went through in the lockdown. The album fits perfectly in the listening session to let the feelings out.

SHINee from behind the set of ‘Don’t Call Me’

From the visuals, the styling, the choreography, the vocals, everything kept the Shawols fangirling and fanboying over the comeback album.

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SHINee’s Solo Careers: Where Are They Now?

While Onew released his debut solo album on December 5, 2018, titled “Voice”. And five days later, he got enlisted in the military. Coming back in 2020, Onew has been taking up several acting projects and released a single with PUNCH called ‘WAY’ in December 2021. KEY made his solo debut in 2018 with the album titled “FACE”. It was followed by a repackaged album “I Wanna Be” in 2019, just before he enlisted in the military. After coming back in 2020, KEY is all set to release his solo album and host the SBS Gayo Daejon in December 2021.


Minho has become the ‘drama king’ of SHINee, as he has been the main lead in several k-dramas. His notable dramas include “To The Beautiful You,” “Because It’s The First Time,” “Hwarang,” “Somehow 18,” and “The Most Beautiful Goodbye”. He’s currently working on his upcoming k-drama ‘The Fabulous’. He also appeared as ‘UGI’ in ‘Yumi’s Cell’. Till now, Taemin has released 13 solo albums in Korean and Japanese. He is also part of SM’s Super M. Enlisting in the military in May 2021, Taemin will come back in November 2022.

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SHINee INC.: SHINee Talks About Their Whereabout!

The boys of SHINee also went on to release their own variety show ‘SHINee INC.’ Taking the charge of the program’s planning, they went on to share many memories they have made throughout their 13-year career. Along with ONEW, KEY, Minho, and Taemin, the show was also hosted by Hong Hyun Hee and Kwon Hyuk Su. While the fans were really excited with the announcement of the show, their feelings were quickly bummed out when they got to know that the show will only have one episode. The episode of SHINee INC. was released on February 24, 2021. And it is available to watch on streaming platforms like Rakuten Viki and Viu along with English subtitles. While the episodes are also available to watch on Youtube in small parts.

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