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Where and How to Read Dragon Ball Super Manga in October 2021?

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Manga is one of the manga that comes out once every month. Dragon Ball Super Manga is available in anime and manga every month, but the manga is front. Let’s start by looking at what has happened in the recent chapters of Dragon Ball Super. In the previous chapter, we saw two Saiyans from Earth fighting with the strongest warrior in the Universe, Granolah. Son Goku got defeated, and the Prince of Saiyans Vegeta stepped up to restore the honor of Saiyans. Vegeta wanted to prove that the power of Destruction is more potent than the power of God that Goku learned from Whis. Despite the Granolah proves to be more formidable than the two Saiyans combined. 

The Prince of Saiyan surpassed his limit and entered a new form called ”The Ultra Ego,” but Granolah survived all the barrages and massive strikes coming from Vegeta. Vegeta couldn’t believe that Granolah was not ready to give up. Granolah changed his tactics and defeated Vegeta despite his new transformation. Goku blocked a massive hit that almost finished Vegeta and decided to participate in the battle, but Vegeta refuses and showers Goku with blows for interfering.

The two Saiyans argued about who should fight Granolah until they decided that Vegeta could since he want to prove something. But Goku reminds Vegeta not to die, and Granolah smashes Vegeta for the second round. The powers matched until a Namekian who knew the Saiyans arrived, and Goku wondered why this guy was on this plant. The Namekian reveals about the great Super Saiyan name Burdock that saved  Granolah’s planet. Granolah got surprises that a Saiyan saved them, and he wanted to kill the Saiyans. The war between the Saiyans and Granolah is over. Let’s take a look at the following. 

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super October Schedule

Dragon Ball will release one this month since this runs on a monthly schedule. This will be an exciting chapter for October since the battle has ended with the Saiyans’ defeat. Dragon Ball Super releases a single chapter every month, and the next chapter will reveal the truth behind the Saiyan who saved the world before Vegeta and Goku’s era. The manga will continue with the monthly release without any interruptions. We will also look to the few chapters that have released a few months ago. The next chapter is nearing, and it will release at the end of October. Let’s look at when the next chapter of this manga will release. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 will be released on 20 October 2021. 

This will be followed by another chapter that will release in November, and the last chapter of 2021 will be in December. Most of the time, the manga take  Wednesday and Friday releases every month. Those will three remain chapters of this calendar year for Dragon Ball Super. Keep in mind that the manga will be left with two chapters for this year after the upcoming release, and the new release will begin next year. The next chapter will be about the war that happened in the past and how Saiyan Burdock saved the world with his allies.

It is rare for Dragon Ball Super to take a manga break. Learning about the manga schedule is easy since one can calculate thirty days from the last release and find when the next chapter will be released next month. This October schedule has covered everything about the upcoming chapter of this manga. The fans for the manga from now will know what is coming in the latest chapters of the manga and what they can expect. Since the recent battle is over and the Heeters are up to something involving Freeza, the manga’s latest chapters will reveal as the manga continues with its monthly releases. 

The next chapter is around the corner, and we will update it as soon as we get it. This should also explain why the manga doesn’t take a monthly break for this year. Since this next chapter will release at the end of October, you can count to another thirty days, and you will get the next release of the next chapter. So far, until December, we have only two chapters that will show the outcome of the truth revealed in the next chapter. That is how the October schedule will be like, and we will be looking forward to the next month’s schedule. You can read the manga on VIZ and other official platforms; the details will be explained below. 

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Manga Review Granolah vs. Saiyans

Those who miss the last two chapters can read this summary: In the latest previous chapter Goku and Vegeta tried to convince Granolah that they are not evil Saiyans, but Granolah refuses to listen. Granolah believes that all Saiyans serve Freeza and they are responsible for destroying his home planet. That drives Granolah to surpass his limit during the battle, and singlehandedly brutalizes the Saiyans. Goku thought that Granolah would be an easy fight, but Granolah proved that he is the strongest man in the Universe. The Prince of Sayains Vegeta thought that Son Goku was playing with Granolah, and he should have taken that guy with a single strike. 

Vegeta continued with his pride and called Goku Kakarrot since Goku was getting dominated by Granolah. Goku uses Super Saiyan Ultra Intist and gains momentum during the battle. Granolah fooled Goku, who thought that he had taken down Granolah. But he unleashes a laser beam that strikes Goku’s chest, and Goku falls unconscious. The Prince of Saiyan entered the battle with rage after realizing that Granolah beat his Kakarrot. Vegeta vow that Granolah’s tribe will go extinct and the Saiyans will never fall on their knees. The two had a back and forth, and Vegeta was more surprising since he doesn’t hesitate when fitting with his opponents. 

The Heeters received the report about the status of the battle and got excited that everything was going according to the plan. The Prince of Saiyans pushes Granolah to his limit, and he realizes that he has to power up to beat Vegeta. Granolah begins to read and predict Vegeta’s moves and strikes which surprised Vegeta. Vegeta decides to show Granolah the power of Destruction and begins to punish Granolah for underestimating the Saiyans. Granolah survived that, making the Prince of Saiyans show his signature move, thinking it was enough to take Granolah down. The Saiyans fail to bring Granolah down until the Namekian interferes and reveals the truth behind the Saiyans. That is what the recent chapter of DBS offer for the last three months. You can look at the official details of this manga below. 

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Read Dragon Ball Super Manga Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Dragon Ball Super online on VIZ Media’s official website. This manga is also serialized on Shueisha’s online magazine, Shonen Jump+, and releases its chapter every month but only a single chapter. The spoilers for this manga release when the latest chapter is nearing. This is accessible using any item that can log a person on the internet. Everything about the manga is clear, the quality of the images is good, and it is easy to read and access the official platforms.

The recent three chapters of this manga are available for free on those official websites. Those who have missed the last chapter can read them online by typing the manga’s name and access the chapter for free. Each chapter is more than twenty pages and explains everything that happened and the direction of the story. VIZ, Shueisha’s online magazine, and Shonen Jump+ are the only official platforms we are aware of to read this manga online. It depends on which one you prefer since their writing style is different. 

The new chapter is available starting from five o’clock in your local time, and the late release is around six every month. That is how Dragon Ball releases its chapter every month and the latest spoilers that release two days before the main chapter releases. Those who prefer an official release can wait for the release day since the spoilers are not fully explained. We will update the next chapter of this manga soon when the official platforms release it. Let’s meet when the new update of Dragon Ball Super releases. 

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