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Where and How to Read Boruto Manga?

Boruto Manga:

Boruto Manga has been on hit and will continue the latest release every month. Boruto Manga still reveals the mystery behind Code, who wants to avenge his master’s death and get to Kawaki. We will start by looking at the previous chapter and other details of Boruto Manga. In the last two chapters, Boruto, Kawaki, and other Shinobi learned that the search team is observing them 24/7, and Kawaki learns how to erase his Charka since he wants to flee the village. The boys think that this is boring since being watched for the whole day is tiring. Sasuke and his team are out on a mission to locate Code, who is rumored to defeat Lord Seventh one-on-one.

The Ninja are finding only the Claw marks, and Sasuke realizes that Code won’t appear here. He decided to reveal himself since they hid nearby from where they expected Code to appear. Sasuke revealed the finding of his investigation to the team and decided that they had to move since they had lost their target. Kawaki thinks about what Amado told him, and that Lord Seventh has no match against Code and if the clashed Naruto will get killed. Kawaki realizes that he has to do something to drive Code away from the village. 

But Nishi is monitoring their Chakra after receiving orders from Lord Seventh. Boruto and Kawaki are sitting in the same room, thinking about how to overcome this. Code is with Eida and Dameon, and he learns about Dameon’s powers and realizes that Eida has been hiding something. But Eida told him that they would get to know each other better when they worked together. Later Boruto learns that Kawaki is not in the room, and the clone tells him to mind his business. 

Boruto Manga


Boruto Manga October Monthly Schedule 

Boruto Manga has a single chapter to offer for this month since it releases a single chapter every month and runs monthly. The next chapter will be entertaining for this month since the part the fans had been waiting for had arrived. Kawaki, Boruto, and Code’s duel have recently begun making the manga more exciting. This upcoming chapter will be revealing Code and Boruto clashing since Boruto is preventing Kawaki from leaving with Code. 

This manga has entered the Code era and Code’s allies which makes the arc to be interesting. The manga will stick with its monthly release without any interruptions, and it is rare for the manga to take a monthly break. We will also look at the recent brawl between Kawaki and Code below. Boruto Manga is nearing its next release since few days are left for the latest chapter to release. The manga always releases on Wednesday day or Friday at the end of every month. Let’s find the next release of Boruto Manga below. 

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 63 will be released on 20 October 2021.

This latest release will be followed next in the next month that will release in November, and the last chapter of this year will be in December. The latest chapters had been taking a Wednesday release every month, which will make the two remaining chapters of the year to release on Saturday since and Monday unleash things changes since we are approaching two moths that will have many festival and celebration that delays many mangas from getting released. That will be three and the remaining chapters of this calendar year for Boruto Manga.

Note that the Boruto Manga will be left with two chapters for this year after the releasing the next chapter in October, and the new release will begin next year. The next chapter will be about Boruto facing Code and the warriors at Leaf trying to locate Boruto and Kawaki. Boruto knows that they can sense his Chakra, and that is how they will find them and arrive with reinforcement to face Code. It is not usual for Boruto Manga to take a monthly break. Boruto Manga schedule is easy since it releases once, and it is a matter of gap thirty days from the last chapter to the next latest release.

Boruto Manga


It is straightforward to know when the next chapter will be released in the upcoming month. This October schedule of Boruto Manga has covered everything about the next chapter and the subsequent releases. The fans for Boruto Manga will know what to expect in the latest chapters of the manga and when the next one will be released.  Since the new battle had begun, Eida and Code had a plan to face the Shinobi and retreat if they messed up. The manga will reveal more about Code as the monthly continues. Let’s look at the fooling official updates. 

Boruto Manga Review: Kawaki vs. Code

Boruto realizes that Kawaki is out of the village and warns Nishi, who has been watching over their Chakra. Nishi believes that Boruto pranks him and Kawaki is inside the room since he can sense Kawaki’s Chakra. Boruto decided to leave Nishi since The Shadow Doppel Ganger has Kawaki’s Chakra. The Shadow Doppel Ganger told Boruto not to ruin the plans, but Boruto is worried that Kawaki is alone in the woods and won’t win against Code. Boruto decided to confront his father and head to the leaving room. Meanwhile, Eida reports to Code that Kawaki is on the run in the woods.

Code heads out to confront Kawaki while receiving directions from Eida. Boruto reveals the truth to his father that Kwaki is out of the village, and his father is not convinced. Naruto confronts Nishi, and Nishi replies that Kwaki is in the room and has not set a foot out of the room. Naruto wonders what is happening since they can still locate Kawaki’s Chakra inside the room. The two head to the room, and Naruto warns his son that they must not be pranking him since Boruto and Kawaki are always up to something. 

The two enter the room and find that The Shadow Doppel Ganger has vanished. Naruto asks Nishi to confirm. Nishi reveals that they have lost the trace of Kawaki’s Chakra; Boruto escaped and headed to help Kawaki. Meanwhile, Kawaki met with Code and decided to land a killer blow. Kawaki was too slow to keep up with Code, who reminds him that is not how he greets him after a long time without seeing each other. The two exchange massive strikes but Code dominate Kawaki and tells him to give up and join him, or he is dead. When he is about to strike Code, Boruto arrives and stops the attacks. 

Boruto Manga


Read Boruto Manga Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Boruto Manga online on VIZ Media’s official website. This manga is also serialized on Shueisha’s online magazine, Shonen Jump+, and releases a new chapter once a month. Boruto Manga runs on a monthly schedule, and the manga never takes a monthly break unless it gets interrupted. The spoilers for Boruto Manga will release two days before the latest chapter release. Boruto Manga releases at around six on VIZ every month unless the recent chapter gets delayed. If you are falling to access VIZ can visit Shueisha’s online magazine, and you will get the new chapter earlier, an hour before the latest chapter release.

Boruto Manga opens three last latest chapters of this manga for free on VIZ and other official platforms. If you failed to read the last chapter, you could get them free before the subsequent two releases. The manga offers more than twenty-five pages on each chapter since it releases once and gives the full details. We only know official websites like VIZ, Shueisha’s online magazine, and Shonen Jump+ as the platforms releasing the latest chapters, and this is where the fans can read the latest chapters. You can feel free to use any official platforms above, depending on which one you prefer. 

The new chapter of  Boruto Manga arrives around five, and if it arrives late, it will be six every month. That is how Boruto Manga releases its chapter once a month. Those who prefer reading the spoilers can get the two days before the main release. If you love to get the main chapter since the spoiler has not that much to offer, you can wait for the latest release two days after the spoilers. Let’s meet when the new update of Boruto Manga releases.

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