When Will ‘The Orbital Children’ Come Out?

The Orbital Children release date

The amazing anime movie that is going to drop out all for the viewers with its extremely good character design and plot, “The Orbital Children,” is coming along with another surprise. Being an already famous science fiction movie based on the adventure in outer space, the recent announcements related to it made everyone go crazy for it. Science Fictions are undoubtedly good as they provide the viewers with a futuristic vision that might or might not come true in the near future. These types of films are always good to expand the vision of our creativity, especially for those who are aspiring writers or someone related to the creative field.

The Orbital Children are one of them, even though being a film of not more than one hour, it is still going to be really good. But rest will be revealed upon its release. Now, this fun experience is going to expand as the creators have announced a whole anime series based on the plot of the movie. Now the question arises when the first episode of the series drops out? You will get all the information related to the upcoming series. The movie will be available to stream on Netflix, so will the anime series be available on the platform or not? All of your doubts will get clear by the end, so you should stick till the end and discover what awaits you in the upcoming anime series “The Orbital Children”.

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About ‘The Orbital Children’

The Orbital Children are, also known as “Chikyugai Shonen Shojo,” is an original Japanese anime film that was written and directed by Mitsuo Iso. The film is going to be produced by Production +h and is licensed by Netflix to distribute all over the world, and for Japan, it was licensed to Asmik Ace/ Avex Pictures. The upcoming film has already got the crowd crazy over it as its news of release has spread like wildfire. It is directed by Mitsuo Iso, who is also the writer of the movie and is also known for his works in Neo Genesis Evangelion, Blade Runner Black Out 2022, Napping Princess, and many other works. Other than this, he also worked in the animation department of some proclaimed projects, like Cowboy Bebop, Digimon Adventure, and Ghost in The Shell. This makes one the reason why you should not miss this new release of 2022.

As I have already mentioned above, the series is a futuristic one. It is set up in the year 2045. In this era, the internet and social media sites are used widely. After a massive accident took place on the Japanese commercial space station, few children were left behind as they started their struggle to survive. Among those children, two are from the moon, and three are from Earth. Now they are surviving their days with a narrowband social networking site that hardly survives the accident. They start their life with these tools, and with the help of this warned-out AI, they take action to survive their daily life. Will they be able to survive life on these minimal sources after all these crises?

The Orbital Children Release Date
The Orbital Children

The Orbital Children Release Date

The movie “The Orbital Children” is going to drop out soon but along with it, it is going to bring something more exciting. As per the latest announcement regarding the series, the film is going to be released in two parts. Part 1 of the film is set to be dropped out on 28th January 2022, whereas part 2 will drop out on 11th February 2022. The film will be out on these two dates in Japan, and the creators can’t make their international fans feel left out. To coincide with its release, a two-season anime series is also scheduled to release on the same day. Both the seasons of the anime series are going to have six episodes each. This is getting really exciting, and you should not miss this at any cost.

The Orbital Children Release Date
The Orbital Children

Where to stream ‘The Orbital Children’?

Part 1 of both anime and film will concentrate on the plot progression of the series. They will show Touyo and Konoha the children from the moon who were there in the space station to undergo physical therapy. They caught up in a collision between the stations and comet along with the children from earth Taiyo, Mina, and Hiroshi. They are separated from the adults as they try to escape from the space station. Now they are trapped in a place where the oxygen supply ad the internet has been cut off. Belonging from different origins, the kids from both sides will find each other at odds but will try to help each other to survive.

As per the words from Netflix, both the anime series and film will be available to stream there. Along with some new series of the platform, it is going to get you this too. The trailer of the series is out and until the anime releases, you should give a look at the trailer.

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