When Will Charmed Season 4 Episode 8 Release?

Charmed season 4 episode 8 release date
Charmed S04E08 preview image/credits: The CW

Charmed Season 4 Episode 8 will be arriving the next week on TV, and the promotional material so far sheds some light on the thrilling events awaiting us all. However, before we delve into all that and reveal the spoilers, let’s recapitulate Charmed S04E08. In the previous Episode, Mel, Maggie, and Kaela contend with a new threat. This new threat is inspired by the Tallyman and leads the sisters to adopt a “divide and conquer” strategy to deal with it.

We see Maggie and Harry team up to follow a crucial lead in a dangerous magical realm. Amid a budding flirtatious relationship between Kaela and Dev, she must contend with a visitor from her past. And Mel takes Jordan’s help to heal a creature she shares a deep emotional connection with. Let’s now dive into the spoilers for Episode 8 of Charmed Season 4.

Charmed Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date & Preview

Charmed Season 4 Episode 8 will release on May 6, 2022. The official synopsis for the upcoming Charmed Episode says how when it becomes apparent that conspiracy group The Unseen has assembled a hit list of anyone who has helped The Charmed Ones, the girls and Harry must scramble to save their nearest and dearest. Titled “Unveiled,” the Episode is directed by Jackeline Tejada, with the teleplay from Bianca Sams. Apart from the synopsis, we also have quite a bit of info on the upcoming Charmed Episode.

Is there a Trailer for Episode 8?

Yes, here’s a short promo clip teasing all that will happen in Charmed S04E08;

Watch Episode 8 Online — Streaming Details

Charmed Season 4 Episode 8 will air on The CW next Friday at 8/7c. That’s the airing schedule for the TV. However, you can also watch Charmed S04 online via several online streaming platforms. Your two main options are CWTV.com and the official CW app. Both of these two platforms make new episodes available shortly after they air on TV. Additionally, you can also catch new episodes of Charmed on Vudu.

As for when the fantasy drama makes its way to Netflix, there’s still some time until the completion of this Season when it ultimately arrives on the platform. In the meantime, you can visit the streamer and start binging on all previous Charmed seasons there.

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