When Will Bull Season 6 Episode 12 Arrive?

Bull season 6 episode 12 release date
'Bull' season 6 airs weekly on CBS

‘Bull’ Season 6 Episode 11 is expected to arrive next week, with Bull taking on a new legal battle. As of now, there’s no official synopsis or promo available for the next episode. However, there’s a major new update about the show’s future making rounds right now. The long-running legal drama series is coming to an end. Season 6 is set to wrap up the series, with the series finale arriving in May this year. Series lead Michael Weatherly recently broke the news to the fans. He took to Twitter to make the announcement, also posting a video teasing the end of the series.

‘Bull’ stars Weatherly in the lead, along with Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr, Christopher Jackson, Jaime Lee Kirchner, Annabelle Attanasio, Mackenzie Meehan, and Yara Martinez. With the sixth season serving as the conclusive installment, there are only 11 more episodes left in the series. Let’s now delve into all that episode 12 of ‘Bull’ season 6 will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Bull in Bull
Michael Weatherly in ‘Bull’season 6

‘Bull’ Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 sees Bull and Marissa butt heads in the courtroom. The episode opens with a building’s demolition being interrupted by a man who has chained himself to it and won’t let go. He doesn’t want the demolition to happen and the building and the neighborhood to disappear. The people think he might move eventually, but he’s one stubborn bugger. He won’t budge while the executive leading the demolition has given the process a greenlight.

To save the building and his neighborhood, the old man sues the executive for civil fraud. Bull is not keen on the case until he discovers that Marissa and her new firm are leading the case against the exec. Bull takes the case instantly, and the war ensues. It’s a gallery of quips, digs, and snark, with neither party in the mood of backing down.

Taylor Fights for her Son’s Custody

Meanwhile, Taylor is contending with her own battles. Her ex is now suing her for the custody of their child. At the court, Taylor learns that her ex is now back with a former girlfriend of his. The girlfriend is supporting his custody battle and wants to help raise Taylor’s son. During the proceedings, she labels Taylor as a woman who’s defined and driven by her career. She points out how she always needs a babysitter to look over the child. Later on, Taylor meets her ex and his girlfriend and goes off. The judge overhears it, and this later accounts negatively for Taylor.

Bull Marissa Throw Down at the Court

Meanwhile, Bull and Marissa go at each other at the court. They also speculate and theorize what the other one’s move will be. The battle continues the next day, with both of them playing their games to the other’s annoyance. Marissa calls the exec forward and gets an upper hand with ease against the unprepared man. The next day, her client — the old man — opens his cafe. Marissa arrives and sees that he’s opened his cafe and also his mouth to Danny — two things he shouldn’t have done. However, later on, Marissa bags the win at the court after she proves that the building is historical.

Who plays Chunk in Bull
Chunk and Bull in episode 11

Taylor’s Custody Battle Concludes

She then heads off to Taylor’s custody battle, so does Bull. Taylor loses her case, and the custody is given to her ex. She breaks down, and Marissa consoles her. Meanwhile, Bull goes to her ex and says something to him. Later on, the ex visits Taylor and informs her that he will share custody with her and that he’ll not separate the child from his mother. Marissa also realizes that Bull helped Taylor and that he’s a good person at heart. She visits him and tells him she wants to get back to being his partner. Bull accepts, and the two are officially back to being business partners.

‘Bull’ Season 6 Episode 12 Release Date & Preview

Episode 12 of ‘Bull’ season 6 is expected to release on January 27, 2022. However, official confirmation for the release date is yet to be made. Apart from a lack of confirmation regarding a release date, we currently don’t have an official synopsis for episode 12 either. Additionally, there is no information on the directorial and writing credits for the episode. However, as long as there’s no hiatus, the show should be back on TV at the scheduled time of air.

Watch ‘Bull’ Season 6 Episode 12 Online — Streaming Details

Episode 12 of ‘Bull’ season 6 will air on CBS. New episodes of the legal drama air weekly on CBS every Thursday at 10:00 p.m. ET. Apart from the cable, you can also watch the show online. You can stream ‘Bull’ season 6 as well as all the previous seasons on Paramount+. New episodes also drop on the streaming platform every week. Additionally, you can also watch the show online via CBS’s official website.

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