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When is Tiger King 2 Coming out? Plot and Cast Details

When is Tiger King 2 Coming Out?
When is Tiger King 2 Coming Out?

Last Updated on September 24, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Just when you thought the mayhem, murder, and madness were over, Netflix surprises us again. When is Tiger King 2 coming out? Firstly, the streaming giant took all off guard by announcing that the wildly weird miniseries about the life of disgraced zookeeper turned convicted felon Joe Exotic will return for a second season. And here at Otakukart, we did our best to scour the internet with whatever information we managed to scoop up for you regarding this topic.

Suppose you’re not familiar with Tiger King. It’s a miniseries about the life of a zookeeper who ends up in jail because of some nasty shenanigans. And Joe Exotic was no ordinary zookeeper. That dude had a knack for all sorts of jungle cats. We’re talking tigers. The kinds of tigers that rich people keep in their houses. Like the one, the dudes from The Hangover movie stole from Mike Tyson in Las Vegas. It turns out that Joe Exotic had a feud with a rival zookeeper and wanted them dead. But more on that later.

When is Tiger King 2 Coming Out?

When is Tiger King 2 Coming Out?

 Tiger King 2 Release Date

Tiger King 2 will release sometime in late fall 2021, according to Netflix. Season 2 will follow the very successful season one that had a lot of following mainly because it dropped at a time when everyone was pretty much locked up due to COVID-19 social restrictions at home. And in consequence, streaming platforms became the ultimate form of entertainment. That was a huge hit for Netflix, which banked big on subscriptions.

Bear in mind that Netflix only tweeted that Tiger King will return this year. And as for audiovisual, they didn’t even drop a trailer. It’s all part of a big campaign advert on the platform’s upcoming shows on true crime documentaries. Some of which cover Financial crimes, sexual assault, the food industry, and of course, the Tiger King. Rest assured that when Netflix drops the trailer, we will post an update for you right here at Otakukart. In consequence, be sure to catch up on the series if you haven’t watched it already on Netflix before season 2 drops any time soon.

Tiger King 2 Netflix Announcement

Check out the announcement video for all the upcoming Netflix True Crime shows:

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Tiger King 2 Plot

Bear in mind a couple of things regarding the Tiger King Season 2 plot. Firstly, Joe Exotic currently serves a lengthy seventeen sentence for trying to order a murder on his rival Carole Baskin. Secondly, that leaves up a lot of things unanswered. Why? Because Netflix promises to raise the bar regarding season two, as they offer more murder, mayhem, and madness to Tiger King. And all things considered, the show is pretty wild on season one.

Can Rebecca Cahiklin and Eric Goode, the directors deliver all that for the second installment of this Netflix original show? We’re just going to have to wait and see. Moreover, Fisher Stevens and Chris Smith reprise their work as executive producers. Is it possible that this crew managed to get a hold of Joe Exotic from jail? And what about Carole Baskin? Will she have a role in this production? After all, she was a victim of Joe’s erratic behavior that almost got her killed. In any case, we’re just going to have to be patient until Netflix drops the date.

When is Tiger King 2 Coming Out?

When is Tiger King 2 Coming Out?

What did Joe Exotic do to Carole Baskin?

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin’s dispute started in 2009, when Baskin, who wanted to put a stop to commercial cub petting in the United States, attacked Exotic’s lucrative touring performances. However, animal rights groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had protested and investigated Exotic and the Wynnewood park. Those efforts had been intermittent and poorly coordinated and had not significantly harmed his company. Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue, which has a highly popular Facebook page and numerous informal volunteers recruited via social media, proved to be a more formidable adversary. Big Cat Rescue activists started tracking Exotic’s travels and email bombing managers of shopping malls who sponsored his performances, causing several of them to cancel and endangering his income source. It was all a big mess! With that, we wrap up our coverage of Tiger King Season 2 here at Otakukart.

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