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When is the Nuke Event Happening in Call of Duty: Warzone?

COD Warzon featured Image
COD Warzon featured Image

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 is coming, and along with that, fans will finally get to see the nuke event. The nuke for which everyone is waiting for probably last one year. The nuke event will bring in some major changes. One of them is a brand new map. If you don’t know, Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale game that was released by Activision in order to give competition to the battle royale giants like Apex, Fortnite, and PUBG. The game was released in March 2020. Since that day, there haven’t been many changes to the map of the game, and this nuke will definitely change things for good.

Fans did have a hope that with the addition of Black Ops Cold War to the game, they would witness some changes, but their hopes were never met. Let us find out the exact details of the nuke event, like its launch date and time, the leaks related to it, and which map can replace Verdanks.

Leaks and Details of the Nuke Event

Activision has tried their best to not let anything out before the nuke event, but leakers and miners get their hands on at least one thing or the other. Before that, let me give you an idea of why the nuke is happening in the first place. If you are a Warzone player, then you would know how the zombies are expanding their territory slowly and steadily across the whole map. In order to stop that, there is only one way, and that is to nuke the whole map. Yes, it will result in the demolition of the whole place, but that is what everyone wants, I guess.

Call of Duty Nuke event

A City being destroyed

Talking about the leaks, there were some voice notes which leaked in March, which syncs perfectly with the nuke. ZestyCODLeaks and Perseus leaked some links to the voice lines. Some of the voice lines which were leaked were

  • This is your last chance, soldier! Make it count!
  • Be careful; you’re nearing a Plague Zone.
  • We can’t lose Verdansk! Fight those zombies!
  • Verdansk is lost. End it!
  • This is the end!
  • This is our final broadcast…
  • Nuclear threat inbound! All forces exfil the area now!

So, you can clearly see all these points to the nuke and end of Verdansk. Currently, all the zombies have successfully reached the Verdansk Dam. There was a package released by Call of Duty through Twitter where they gave a message, “The whole Dam Warzone is overrun.” If we mute the word Warzone, then we get “The whole Dam is overrun.” So this clearly points that may be the zombie will successfully cross the dam, and that could result in the final nail in the coffin.

Once the dam is crossed, maybe they will infect every soldier out there, and everyone will turn into zombies. Players can turn into zombies within the Containment Zone. There are a lot of possibilities of how this thing will end, but the dam surely has some role to play in it.

The New Map

There were some leaks about the new map too. Fans are eager to know which map will they play once Verdansk is gone. There were some reports of the Ural Mountains being the next spot in the game, or maybe we would get an older version of the Verdansk map, which is from the ’80s.

COD Warzone Ural Mountains

A scenic view of the Ural Mountains

Event Time and More

Now, coming to the biggest question. What time is the nuke happening? Can I watch it live?. Answering the first question, the nuke is going live on Wednesday, April 21st. The nuke-timings are the same globally but different for different zones. In West Europe, the nuke will happen at 9pm (CEST), in the UK, the nuke will happen at 8pm (BST), in East Coast, the nuke will happen at 3pm(EDT), and on West Coast, the nuke will happen at 12pm(PDT).

It is a live event. So you will be able to watch everything right inside the game. You have to make sure you log in to the game at least 10 minutes before the event time. Also, make sure that your game is updated. Activision announced the addition of Call of Duty: Black Ops in a similar fashion with a live event.

What comes after the nuke event is still unknown and how the nuke will take place is a mystery in itself. We are not far away from the event, and we will keep you updated with everything that happened in the event.

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