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When is the Blueface Fight? Everything About it

when is the blueface fight
when is the blueface fight?

In this article, we explain when is the Blueface fight. The mentioned character’s name is Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter. And his stage name is Blueface, he’s a rapper. Additionally, we’re covering him here because he’s going to fight TikTok comedian Kane Trujillo —also known as Neumane— at a bare-knuckle fight at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. For some sick reason of modernity, celebrity fights are now a thing. And it’s not just Floyd Mayweather punching Jake Paul over this and that. It seems as though solving issues in the ring became the healthy alternative to a gun duel.

Back in 1804, gentlemen solved their bitter differences in a duel. When Aaron Burr and then-Vice President of the United States Alexander Hamilton couldn’t solve their quarrels, they went to Weehawken, New Jersey, to have a gunfight. Out of that match, Burr killed Hamilton, leading to a political crisis and the demise of his party. But now, these two folks —who don’t hold office— want to beat each other up in a ring to see who’s best. So jump in with us to see what this fuzz is all about.

Who is Blueface?

Blueface is a Californian rapper who “has never fought”. But since he claims to be from the streets, he considers he has the necessary skills to show his combat capabilities in the battle against another nobody, TikTokker comedian clown Kane Trujillo. This celebrity boxing hype is just that. Hype. And, if we ever learned anything from that poet Flavor Flav when he was with Public Enemy, “don’t believe the hype” is something we should consider when we read, hear and see these two yokels beat each other up for anything better than clout. The fight will be headlined by UFC stars Rachel Ostovich and Paige Van Zant.

While Blueface is no boxer, fighter, or wrestler. He’s familiar with contact sports. For he played football in his high-school years with his school team, making it to the championship back in 2014. Also, Blueface played football in college for Fayetteville State University as a star quarterback. But not long after, he chose to switch career paths and started to delve into the entertainment industry as a rapper. Keep reading our coverage to find out about his contender.

When is the Blueface fight?

But enough criticism, let’s dig into the details of this circus. The Blueface versus Kane Trujillo —also known as Naumane— bout will take place on July 23, 2021. And Blueface seems to be training for that, as well as keeping a dietary regimen and weaning himself from alcoholic beverages and smoking. If the Aaron Carter-Lamar Odom or the Logan Paul-Floyd Mayweather fight were ridiculous. Watching these two amateurs punch each other out like a pair of buffoons will surely grab the attention of a bored public with nothing better else to watch. After all, Netflix can only entertain you so much, amirite?

When is the Blueface Fight?

When is the Blueface fight? – Otakukart

Who is Blueface’s rival, Kane Trujillo?

If on the blue corner with the blue trunks and blue gloves is Blueface. On the other corner, we have Kane “Naumane” Trujillo. A 21-year old TikTokker with two million followers on that platform with a knack for stealing other TikTok creator’s contents —namely TikTok star Joey Bailey. Additionally, Trujillo’s reputation on the popular video-sharing social media app isn’t good, as he’s constantly trolled and ridiculed for his antics and peculiarities. Also, considering that TikTokkers of his kind isn’t that much employable, we can’t blame the dude for accepting a contract to see him get smacked around a little bit in exchange for some cold, hard cash.

Kane Trujillo’s TikTok is full of “comedy” sketches —that’s if you find him funny— where he recreates scenes and situations with what he considers to be humor. A couple of days ago, on June 26, 2021, Kane Trujillo shared a video with Blueface where they announced that they would fight this bare-knuckle fight. In other terms, due to his content plagiarizing stints, Trujillo no longer uses the Neumane account and posts on his current handle. Finally, as for Kane Trujillo’s athletic prowess, there’s not much information out there on him, save for the trivia the fact that he played basketball sometime in his high school years.

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Blueface training hard for the fight

The Blueface fight has the aforementioned internet personality constantly posting videos and photos of him training at a gymnasium. So, it seems that Trujillo will likely get beat up. Blueface’s training is available on his social media, where he comments that not only is working out and getting fit for the bout part of his routine. But also his dietary regime. While he won’t become a giant wall of muscle like Dolph Lundgren’s character Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, we sure hope that his rival Kane Trujillo doesn’t have the same luck as Apollo Creed did in that movie.

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