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When Hope Calls Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

When Hope Calls Season 2 Release Date

Here, we will discuss the release date of When Hope Calls Season 2. This American series drama series premiered its first season on 30 August 2019 and ended on 25 October 2019. It is a spin-off of the popular American series “When Calls the Heart”. Due to the popularity of When Calls the Heart, a spin-off series was announced on 9 February 2019. Like the original series, When Hope Calls is also based on the Candian West book series by Janette Oke. The series premiered as the inaugural original programming on the digital streaming service of the Hallmark Channel, called the “Hallmark Movies Now”.

This ten-episode first episode of the spin-off series is just as widely praised as the original, for its actors and storytelling. The series follows the story of two sisters Lillian and Grace, who were separated at the ages of seven and five respectively. While Lillian was adopted by a family, Grace had to grow up in an orphanage. When Hope Calls follows their adult life as they reunite and open an orphanage together. They were first introduced in a 2018 special episode that aired on 25 December 2018, a few months after the finale of season 5. The title of the special episode is “The Grearets Christmas Blessing”, which was directed by Neill Fearnley and written by Alfonso H. Moreno.

What Took Place in Season 1?

When Hope Calls season 2

The series is set in the 1916 Western Canadian town of Brookfield. The reunited sisters set up their new orphanage in the small town. However, he had to face a few unwelcoming neighbors who are not happy with having an orphanage nearby. The most hostile of them is Tess Stewart, who doesn’t like the sisters due to some unresolved issues with their families. Meanwhile, Lillian catches the attention of Constable Gabriel Kinslow and Tess’ son Chuck is charmed by Grace. Later, when Brookfield suffers losses from a devasting fire and was in the middle of a reconstruction, the people receive help from the visitors from Hope Valley.

Grace and Lillian starts to doubt their abilities to run an orphanage when Gabriel finds evidence from the investigation of the incident that points to two orphans. Tess’s hostility towards Lillian’s family gets in the way of Grace and Chuck’s mutual attraction. Joe decides to move town after he lost his store in the fire. Also, a nurse named Maggie Parsons arrives in town. By the third episode, Gabriel finds new evidence of the fire and he decides to hunt for a fugitive. Grace takes a second job to provide better facilities for the orphans. Meanwhile, Lillian tries to mend the relationship with Tess, but the latter disagrees.

Where Hope Calls Season 1

Lillian searches for the family members of Helen, an orphan, and journeys to Mountie headquarters with Gabriel. Meanwhile, in Brookfield, Grace and Chuck start to deepen their relationship. However, Tess plans a scheme to break them up. By the fifth episode, a government worker comes to inspect the orphanage, and Lillian and Gace use creativity and community to address the issues at the orphanage. However, the officer starts to question events from Grace’s past, creating trouble for the sisters. After that,  Sam helps Gabriel and Chuck repair the orphanage’s roof. However, Gabriel gets jealous after seeing Lillian’s closeness with Sam. Meanwhile, Chuck also stays at the orphanage to spend more time with Grace.

Lillian hopes to replace Grace’s painful birthday memories with happy ones. So, she plans a party with the orphans and friends from the town. Chuck takes one of the orphans, Fred to help him with the ranch. Tess begins to soften her aggressive demeanor after seeing Fred’s love for animals. Helen struggles to remember her past after Lillian locates her grandfather. However, Lillian still wants Helen to reunite with her family, so she asks the town’s people for help.

While Grace’s childhood friend encourages her to move to New York to pursue her dreams, Chuck requests her to stay. In the last episode, Chuck decides to share his true feelings for Grace. Meanwhile, Gabriel had to go on a mission so he asks Sam to take care of Lillian. Also, Grace prepares to accompany Helen to England, where the latter’s grandfather lives. However, she argued with Chuck and didn’t get a chance to tell him about her travel plans.

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When Hope Calls Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, the second season of the series hasn’t been renewed. So, there is no information regarding the release date of When Hope Calls. However, that doesn’t mean that the show is canceled either. The production is keeping silent about the second season of the series. Still, considering that the first season ended with a cliffhanger, we have reasons to believe that the second season will definitely happen. Fans are beginning to wonder whether the pandemic is to be blamed for the delay. But considering that other series of Hallmark weren’t affected, we can say that the delay has nothing to do with the pandemic. There are chances that after the When Calls The Heart season 8 ends in May, the production will reveal news about the renewal of the second season.

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