When Does Usopp Rejoin The Crew? Luffy’s Determination And Fate Of The Going Merry

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When Does Usopp Rejoin The Crew?
Usopp vs Luffy

One-Piece is not just an anime of adventure and fighting, it is an anime of brotherhood how a handful of people with different origins fight for each other’s dreams while keeping their own dream alive. Today, we will talk about Usopp. How he fought with his own captain just for a ship. When Does Usopp Rejoin The Crew? One-Piece taught us to value everything irrespective of the fact that they are alive or not. So let’s analyze the situation when Usopp fought with Luffy.

Usopp, aka God Usopp, is a skilled sniper and fourth member of the straw hats. He was born and raised in Syrup village. He was the captain of Usopp Pirates and Kaya’s closest friend. After defeating Kuro, Luffy approached him to join his crew. His ultimate goal is, he wants to be a brave warrior, just like his father Yassopp, who is a great pirate in Akagami Shanks’s crew. He is a very close friend of Luffy, but let’s see what happened between these two after the water-7 arc

Why Usopp Left The Crew? Full Details

Let’s discuss the main reason behind the Usopp’s abandoning the crew. At water-7, Going Merry was declared unfit for further voyages by Ship’s craftsmen of water-7. Then, Luffy decided to buy a new ship, and this statement hurts Usopp right in the vein. Going Merry was gifted by Raya to Mugiwaras and was very close to Usopp’s heart. He could not bear Luffy’s this decision and challenged him in a dual battle. He puts a condition in front of Luffy. He said, if we won the fight, he would take Going Merry with him, and if he loses, Luffy can do whatever he wants with Going Merry. Luffy somehow accepted the challenge and defeated Usopp in a fight. He told Usopp that he could take his Ship as he no longer needed that Ship. This is how Usopp Left the crew.

When does Ussop rejoin the Straw Hats

When Does Usopp Rejoin The Crew?

At the end of Water-7 Arc, when Franky’s brothers were ready to depart him, Luffy was delaying the departure as he knew that one person was missing from the Ship. Then Sanji told Luffy that Usopp was coming back, which made Luffy and Nami happy. The name told Luffy to wait a little longer for Usopp, but Zoro intervened with Nami and told him that those who don’t respect their captain have no right to come back to ship. He further added that Usopp himself put this condition in front of Luffy and how a man can go back to his resolve. He said, If Usopp wants to come back, he has to apologize to Luffy. This talk of Zoro was backed by Sanji and Luffy himself.

As they were departing, Usopp shouted from the shore and apologized to Luffy, which made Luffy extremely happy. Luffy stretched his hand and pull Usopp from the shore. These all scenarios happened in Episode 323 of One-Piece. Later, Straw hats get a new Ship, Thousand Sunny, which is highly advanced and versatile. It can bear heavy firearms and sea winds. After that day, Usopp never abandoned the crew and always fought alongside Luffy.


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More About One-Piece

One-Piece is an action/shonen manga-based anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. One-Piece manga is the highest selling manga in the world, with over 420 million copies selling worldwide. It is also one of the longest-running manga in the world, with over 1100+ chapters. The story revolves around Luffy, who set his dream to find the great treasure One-Piece and become Pirate King someday after getting motivated by Shanks. He sailed on his journey alone on a small boat but eventually made his own crew and recruited amazing members. He named his crew, Strawhats. Every crewmate has their own dream. In their journey, they fought many powerful pirates. Currently, the anime is ongoing, and our heroes are fighting with the governor-general of Beast Pirates and one of the emperors of the Sea, Kaido.


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