When Does Taboo Season 2 Come Out?

Fans of James Delaney (Tom Hardy) must be excited AF. In March of 2018, it was announced that Taboo would be back with Season 2. Taboo runs on BBC Network, and it traces the story of brute adventurer James Keziah Delaney who comes to London in 1812 to rebuild his later father’s shipping business. But things aren’t easy for him as the government and his father’s rivals in business are after him, mostly his inheritance at any cost.

They are prepared to go any length, even his murder. While Stephen Knight confirmed Season 2 for us, he also gave us hope that if all goes well, Taboo is here to stay. Stephen is also sure about doing part 3 and if successful, may even see part 8 (because it’s an eight-part series, you see).

Taboo Season 2: Release Date Discussion

Besides Season 2 confirmation, BBC or Stephen didn’t provide a word on when Season 2 would potentially come out. Season 1 of Taboo made it to BBC One in January 2017. In the United States, it made to FX on 10 January 2017. Stephen also confirmed the filming dates for us, from January 2018 filming for Season 2 began. Obviously, filming must be wrapped up now. My best bet would be January of 2019, same as Season 1 air date. Given that it’s mid-October and nothing has been made official about the Season 2 release date, 2019 is our best hope.

Taboo Season 2: Spoilers

Tom Hardy and Stephen Knight have provided cues about where Season 2 of Taboo will lead audiences too. According to them, Season 2 will revolve around Colonnade. There’s some other destination that they have in mind but wouldn’t like to indulge upon with details. The first Season of Taboo was “The Escape” in that it showed Tom’s arrival in the United Kingdom. Season 2 is “The Journey” which is involved Tom’s voyage to some place and Season 3 is “The Arrival.” Taboo as a TV series could be very diverse and lead us to different places with different Seasons. Let’s hope for the best.

Taboo Season 2: Cast

For Season 2 of the Series, you may see Tom Hardy as James Delaney. Others will include:

David Hayman as BraceJonathan
Pryce as Sir Stuart Strange
Stephen Graham as Atticus
Mark Gatiss as Prince Regent.

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