When Does Super Smash Bros Ultimate Release?

Just when fans had given up hopes on Super Smash Bros, Nintendo stepped up its game. At the Nintendo Direct this year, Nintendo announced that it would launch the much awaited Super Smash Bros Ultimate very soon. Super Smash Bros will be given an exclusive Nintendo Switch release. This game will include every fighter from the Smash Games that existed before. So players should not confuse it with one of those remodeled games. Also, Smash Bros will also include the DLC third party characters too! Super Smash Bros is being touted for its exclusivity and bigger character strength as of now.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Release Date

Right now you can pre-order the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mario Pack Edition from the Nintendo store exclusively for £359. As I mentioned before this ultimate cross over the game will include every Smash fighter ever. It will also include a digital copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, official Steelbook, a Nintendo Switch pouch in black color and a Nintendo Switch Mario battle pad; Super Smash Bros. themed controller. If you place your order for Mario Edition now, you will get it on November 16, 2018. The actual Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be released on December 7, 2018. Watch the 25-minute long live stream of E3 2018 below:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Leaks

Director Masahiro Sakurai has assured a ton of things in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for us! Super Smash Bros Ultimate is fifth in line to the Smash edition games. E3 2018 focussed only upon Super Smash Ultimate in its live stream.

The newest leaks reveal three fighters to be a part of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. They are a space pirate Ridley, Inkling and Daisy. These fighters will only be seen in this game. Also, King K. Rool, Simon and Richter Belmont will be included too. It is said that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be mechanically polished and will contain elaborate maps to guide people.

So when I said, Super Smash was going to include a lot of characters I meant that over 60 characters were announced at E3 2018. There’s also a fresh rumor that Nintendo and Square Enix have partnered to include the Square Enix Roasted Edition. We just don’t know which Square Enix character would that be.

There’s a hot rumor about Eno being the one. An Icicle Mountain stage is rumored to be joining the game too, Reddit is rife with such rumors as of now. At best we’ll have to wait another month and a half to see how things actually unfold. More as we have it. Stay tuned to OtaKukart for regular updates.

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