When Does Sanji Get His Raid Suit? Things You Need To Know About Raid Suit In One-Piece

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Sanji Raid Suit

Hello everyone, Today we will talk about the things which you might don’t know about Raid Suit in One-Piece. One-Piece is not just an anime filled with pirates, robbery, and fights. It’s about Mysteries and our way of life. The aim for which you can sacrifice your life. It is about Nakamas and fighting for good. So today, we will talk about Sanji and when he gets his Raid-Suit. We will also discuss the benefits of Raid-Suit and its abilities but before starting this article, we want to tell our readers that, this article contains heavy spoilers related to One-Piece anime, so if you don’t like spoilers, please skip this article and read our spoiler-free articles which are easily available on our Website. So after a quick warning, let’s get started.

The MVP of this article is Sanji so before proceeding further, let’s discuss a brief Synopsis about Sanji so our new readers can catch up too with us. Sanji aka Black Leg of Straw hats is the fifth member of mugiwaras who joined the crew after the Baratie Arc. He is the Third son and Fourth child of the Vinsmoke family. But his family was too harsh on him because he was too weak when he was young so he abandoned them and grew under the care of a well-known Pirate, Zeff. Zeff is the soul-chef at Baratie Restaurant and he worked there as a chief. His ultimate aim in anime is to find the All-Blue where the fishes of the world come to meet. Initially, he does not want to leave Zeff alone but later he was convinced by Luffy to join him and be a chef on the ship.

When Does Sanji Get His Raid Suit?

So after knowing who Sanji is? Let’s come to our main question, When Does Sanji Get His Raid Suit? So without wasting any time, let’s know the answer to this question. Sanji get his raid suit somewhere after the Whole-Cake island arc and in Episode 878, Luffy and Chopper were dreaming of wearing a raid suit and how they will look in that suit because they never saw Sanji use it. But in the Wano arc, Sanji finally uses his stealth black suit to fight bad guys. The idea of his raid suit is inspired by the Power-rangers, especially from Dino Thunder, which allows him to get invisible. The common name of his raid suit is, “Stealth Black”. It is well known that each member of the Vinsmoke family uses a raid suit, it is up to the user, how efficiently he is using those powers and what abilities their raid suit has. In the case of Sanji, we can say that He is a refined user who knows how to use it efficiently excluding the pervy fantasies he thinks in his mind after wearing that damn suit.

When Does Sanji Get His Raid Suit?
Sanji in Stealth Black

Abilities Of Raid Suit:

As we read above, each raid suit has its own abilities. So let,s discuss some raid suits used by the Vinsmoke family and their powers. Judge, the father of Sanji and other children has a very strong raid suit equipped with a special kind of spear. His boots allow him to float in the air. His cape is tougher as we have seen in anime that his cape alone could stop the Sanji’s Diable Jambe. Reiji has a raid suit with poison abilities. She is the savior of Luffy when he ate the poisonous fish and on the verged of Death. Ichiji’s raid suit allows him to create explosions and emits small packets of energy. Niji can produce electricity from his raid suit. Sanji is able to become invisible with his stealth black. Yonji’s raid suit allows him to wither strong force on the opponent. He can deliver heavy punches on the opponent. So these were the powers of raid suit which are used by the Vinsmoke family.

When Does Sanji Get His Raid Suit?
Vinskoke Family

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More About One-Piece Anime:

One-Piece is a Japanese manga and anime franchise written by Eiichiro Oda. One-Piece is the highest-selling manga in Japan. The story of One-Piece revolves around a young boy, named Luffy who set his aim to become the Pirate King and to find the joy boys treasure One-Piece. As he start his journey, he met with awesome people along the way and made his own crew. He recruit awesome members in the crew with a special role assigned to each one. Along the way, they fought so many powerful enemies and save many lives. Currently, our heroes are in Wano fighting with the emperor Kaido.

When Does Sanji Get His Raid Suit?
One-Piece Anime

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