When Does ‘PUBG Season 3’ Come Out?

PUBG Mobile Season 3

PUBG Mobile or Players UnkownBattle Ground is one of the most popular Battle Royal game on Android Platform. Tencent and Bluehole coming together captured the whole Asian-pacific along with western gaming mobile market. PUBG Mobile Season 2 ended on 19th August 2018. Now its time for Season 3, and the new surprise company has planned for players in PUBG Mobile Season 3? And when will players receive the newest season?

PUBG Mobile Season 3 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 3 is scheduled to release on 22nd August 2018. The major attractions of Season 2 were emoticons on Royale Pass. Although, its nothing new for PUBG PC Players. Players were specified weekly and daily tasks and when a player has complete its task, they would receive a surprising bonus. Players are eagerly waiting for new season, which will be rolled out with an app update. Although, PUBG Mobile Season 3 is already out in home country China.

PUBG Mobile Season 3 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 3 Inside Look

  • Players Will Be Gifted New Emoticons
    • New Emoticons were spotted in the latest season. Emoticons like “Dancing,” “ANGRY” and “SURRENDER” will be accessible for free. It is brilliant to see Tencent offering the exclusive stuff for free in the approaching season.
  • Now Flight Direction Arrow Is Visible
    • Players will soon be able to see the Route of the Aircraft before the departure.
  • Now Players can throw Apples at each other
    • While other players are busy fist-fighting, you can throw Apples at each other and keep Doctors, Engineers, and Other players away from you.
  • New Crate with better items is spotted in the game.
    • In the newest season, we see a crate with the Skins of SCAR-L and Uzi, along with some new wearables like Mask, Aviator Glass, and Trench Coat
  • Now players can use Chicken Dinner to unlock new emoticons
    • By earning some hard-earned Chicken Dinners, players can Unlock a few more Emoticons.

If you ask me, I’d say PUBG Mobile Season 3 is the best season update in-game, I already admire it. Tencent is being extremely fair in the Mobile Market and is presenting players with tons of emoticons, free goodies, and skins.


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