When Does Halo Episode 8 Arrive On Paramount+?

Halo infinite season 1 episode 8 release date
Halo S01E08 Preview Image/Credits: Paramount+

Halo Episode 8 arrives soon but before we delve into the spoilers, let’s recapitulate the previous Halo outing. Episode 7 began with Soren back in the Rubble. Meanwhile, the Episode shifts its focus to Kwan and dwells on it for the entirety. Kwan heads off to the deserts of Madrigal. She finally finds the tribe of mystics that her father had once asked for help from. The tribe consists of nomadic mystics who are insistent on not revealing much to Kwan. While she wants to know the truth about her father and family, the tribals aren’t keen on divulging much. However, they do reveal to her that her ancestors came to Madrigal and settled. A Forerunner AI tasked them with protecting a Forerunner portal that’s somewhere on the planet.

Kwan later visits the command outpost where her father resided at once and is now abandoned. There she finds old letters meant for her great-grandfather asking for intel on the portal’s location. Meanwhile, Soren arrives at the outpost and is reunited with Kwan. However, he’s not the only party in town, as shortly after his arrival, Vinsher Grath ensnares the outpost with his troops. Instead of fleeing or any other alternative, Kwan decides to tackle Vinsher head-on. With Soren’s assistance, Kwan actually manages to blow Vinsher and his troops to smithereens. Following that, Soren and Kwan part ways, and Kwan continues her quest to find the portal. Let’s now delve into all that Halo Episode 8 will be all about. Spoilers ahead!

Halo Episode 8 Release Date & Preview

Halo Episode 8 will release on May 12, 2022. The official synopsis for the upcoming Episode is currently unavailable. We do have the official trailer for the next Episode, and it teases a wee bit of what’s to come. From the trailer, we can see that climax of the premiere season is here. The penultimate and the finale will focus largely on Master Chief. We can also expect to see the beginning of the fall of Reach by the time the season ends. Meanwhile, it seems that the war with the Covenant is still in its early stages.

We see a glassed city in the trailer, but it’s not clear if it’s Reach or not, which it most probably isn’t. However, UNSC has started to see the Covenant as a threat to humanity for the first time. There’s still a lot that should go down before the finale arrives, so we have some significant semblance to the games. As for now, it seems that the story is building towards the fall of Reach, but if it’ll happen before the season ends remains unclear. Check out the short promo clip teasing what’s to come in Halo S01E08 here;

Watch Halo S01E08 Online — Streaming Details

Halo Episode 8 will debut on Paramount+ on May 12 at 12:00 am PT/3:00 am ET. New episodes air in the United States as per the aforementioned schedule. The show premieres new episodes every week in the US and Canada on Thursdays. You can stream Halo S01 every week on Paramount+ in Australia as well. In India, the show is available to stream via Voot Select.

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