When Does Avengers: Infinity War Come Out On Netflix?

Ever since Avengers: Infinity War hit the theatres in April, Netflix subscribers have been wondering how long it would take for the streaming giant to add the gem to its massive movie library. The movie was an enormous success and raked in over $2 Billion.

Avengers: Infinity War Netflix Release Date

If new reports are to be believed, the movie may come out on Netflix earlier than expected. Usually, the tradition is that movies show up on Netflix a couple of months after their digital and physical releases. So we are expecting it around November and December on Netflix.

The movie saw heroes from across the MCU in a race against time to stop an existential threat to half the Universe. The film raised the stakes as the fate of the Universe fell upon the shoulders of a handful of Superheroes, one of whom was still in school. We hope they don’t expel him when he fails to keep up appearances because he was not feeling so good last we saw him.

The movie that defined 2018 and marked the beginning of the end of an era. All the MCU movies over the last decade had led to Infinity War, and the film did not disappoint; though it did leave our heroes feeling not so good and broke our hearts when they withered into dust.

Our Heroes waiting to enter Netflix

Ever since then, fans have been keen on watching it again and hoping Netflix add the movie without further delay.

I would say be patient my friends as all good things in life are worth waiting for. Though if your patience is at an end, you can always spend some money and rent the DVD which has already been released last month.

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