When Did Katie and Blake Break Up? All About Their Relationship

when did katie and blake break up
When Did Katie and Blake Break Up?

What surprises us the most is when we get to witness two love birds separating their paths and becoming estranged! But things become normal when they try to move forward positively. These lines create the perfect base to start the article describing the things that led to the break up of the most loved couple of “The Bachelorette.” And by the most loved couple, we mean Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes. But why they have separated their paths? And most importantly, when did Katie and Blake break up? And what about now? Are they dating anyone else? Or they are enjoying life on their own?

Well, if you are curious to know the answer to all of the above-mentioned questions, then this article would not let you down. As the paragraphs would unfold, you would be getting to know various interesting and unknown facts related to the timeline of their relationship. But before we head towards the explanation of the ending of a beautiful journey, let us start from the beginning. And for that, let us know a little more about Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes!

when did katie and blake break up
Katie and Blake! (Photograph from their engagement ceremony)

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More about Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston is an American television personality, who before appearing on The Bachelor, worked as a bank marketing manager in Renton, Washington. Well, along with all these, Katie Thurston is also an emerging fashion model, Instagrammer, and a potential TikTok star. So overall, she is a social media influencer! Katie Thurston grabbed the central stage lined with starlight when she appeared as a contestant on season 25 of “The Bachelor.” She had carried forward her stardom as she emerged as the star of season 17 of “The Bachelorette.”

If you want to know more about her personal life, then Katie Thurston was born on 3rd January 1991. This means that as of now, she is 30 years old. She was raised in Lynnwood, Washington. At Lynnwood High School, she played the position of libero on the volleyball team. Then, as of 2021, Katie Thurston’s estimated net worth is over $950,000! This means that the glamorous world is paying her pretty well!

More about Blake Moynes

Blake Moynes is from Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada. He works in wildlife management. Moreover, he has his line of merch. He tries to help endangered species. And because of his work schedules, he needs to travel a lot. His mom, Emily, works as a life coach and runs her own company. She helps fellow women to know their worth. Moreover, she teaches them how to move ahead of a toxic relationship. Regarding her own life, she separated from Moynes’ father when Moynes was still a kid. And thus, he was raised by his mom alongside his brother and sister, Taylor and Cody.

Blake Moynes was a contestant on season 16 of “The Bachelorette.” Where he was with Tayshia Adama and Clare Crawley. There he was eliminated in ninth place. After that, he appeared as a contestant on The Bachelorette season 17 with Katie Thurston. That time, probably his fortune was alongside, and as a result of that, he was able to win it!

when did katie and blake break up
Katie and Blake!

When did Katie and Blake break up?

It would be worth mentioning that Katie Thurston broke up with Blake Moynes, days before their official split! Although their lives were filled with juicy love syrup, now they feel that they are not suitable for heading towards a conjugal life. And as a result of that, they ended their engagement two months after their finale aired! The season wrapped up on 9th August 2021, where Katie selected Blake as the winner. But then things started falling apart, and so, they had separated their paths on 25th October 2021!

One of the main reasons for their separation, which can be guessed by standing on the periphery, is the distance! They were probably not able to manage a long-distance relationship. They announced their breakup while stating that it was a mutual decision. But this doesn’t mean that now they do not respect and love each other. Their future would always be sealed with respect for each other, only the thing is that they can not step ahead as a couple.

Later, on 23rd November 2021, Katie Thurston announced that she is dating John Hersey, who was also a contestant on the show!

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