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When Did 2NE1 Disband? Reasons Behind It


2NE1 was a South Korean girl group. The famous girl group rose to stardom from their 2009 debut song Fire. The group that debut in 2009 became so popular that it started emerging in the top charts of the world. Who doesn’t remember their girl power anthem I’m the best? They took the entertainment and pop industry on fire. They were amongst the top girl group in the world. The iconic girl group disbanded in 2016. Since earlier 2016, the group started having problems between them which lead to one of the members leave the group first. Until a few months, the group continued with just three members, and later that year finally got disbanded completely.

Members of the Girl Group 2NE1

The girl group 2NE1 was a famous South Korean group that took the whole industry on fire. The group consisted of four members Bom, CL, Dara, and Minzy. The band was formed by the YG entertainment in 2009. The girl group gave constant hits like Go away, Lonely, I am the best, lonely and come back home. Their consistent success made them peak at the number one position at several charts like Gaon album chart, Gaon digital chart, and more.



The main vocalist of the group was Bom or popularly known as Park Bom. She got involved in a drug case which took her career in a setback for a while. The overall team and collaboration, presentation, and performance of the group were so amazing that it took the girl group on top for a long time. Even today, we remember the group their performance and songs by heart. The group eventually went on to become one the most popular and best-selling girl groups of all time in South Korea and also managed to gain worldwide attention.

Another one of the member CL is also known as Lee Chae Rin, spent most of her childhood in Japan and France. Cl was much trained even before joining with the girl group and made her solo debut in 2013. CL is her stage name, and she represented her girl group and was mainly popular as the leader of the girl gang and an as the main rapper of 2NE1.


2NE1 GIRL GROUP Managed under YG entertainment

The career of Dara also took a fast pace. Her original name being Sandara Park, and she often uses her stage name, Dara. She is an actress, television presenter, and Korean singer. Before joining 2NE1, she was quite active in her career. She rose to fame through a contestant show talent show in the Philippines. After which, she joined the girl group 2NE1 and eventually got famous. She is not only famous in Korea but also in the Philippines. Currently, she is going quite well in her television career. Dard continued to work with YG entertainment for a long time, even after the disbandment of the group.

Last member of the group being Minzy. Her Korean name is Gong Min Ji. She is a South Korean songwriter, singer, and dancer. Minzy was the first one to leave the group in April 2016. She went on to release her single in 2017 and recently also debuted in the Philippines industry. When the group was formed, she was the youngest one in the group. Since she left the group and the agency, she did not even participate in the last song, “Goodbye,” which was released on January 21, 2017.

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When Did 2NE1 Disband?



With Minzy leaving the group in April 2016, the shattering of the group started off. The group continued for a while without Minzy and but later in November 2016. Initially, the group decided to continue as a trio until Bom was released from the contract. In November, Bom officially left the group after Minzy, though Dara and CL continued to work under YG Entertainment. Dara, CL, and Bom came together to bid a final goodbye to their fans all around the world with their song titled goodbye”. The song even topped the billboard digital chart.

With Bom’s involvement in the drug case, it is estimated that the breaking of the group started off. Finally, they all decide it is better to let go of a broken piece than to hold forcefully. It was better for them all to continue with their solo careers. Recently the iconic girl group completed its 11th anniversary, and to date, we all love and miss the power girl gang.

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