When Chandler Riggs Auditioned For Spider-Man

When the casting for Spiderman Homecoming began, Tom Holland was not the only person to audition for the role. Many young actors tried for the role.

Chandler Riggs who starred in The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes revealed in a recent interview that he also tried his luck for one of the most coveted roles in the movie business. He revealed that when he appeared at Walker Stalker Con Orlando. It turns out it didn’t go very well for him. He said “Yeah, I didn’t even get a callback. I just auditioned for it, and it’s fine.”

He auditioned for the role in 2015 even though the film released in 2017. That means Sony and marvel invested a lot of time in their Spidey project. This role had great importance as Tom Holland not just had his own stand-alone movie, but also later starred in Captain America ( Technically this was his first appearance ) and Avengers Infinity War where he was formally christened as an Avenger by none other than his role model Tony Stark.

In the same interview, he also revealed that he auditioned for a role in the Star Wars movie about Han Solo. It may be worth mentioning that he was killed off in Walking Dead.

Riggs took his rejection in a good spirit and praised Tom Holland saying he is “such an incredible actor, and he’s so funny.” Though Holland won the role, it would have been interesting to imagine Riggs as the friendly neighborhood crusader.

The young actor is said to be pursuing music too. He told KTLA5 “Acting is awesome, but I’m really, really able to express myself creatively in music.”

He has also worked on two upcoming projects Inherit the Viper and Only.

The next installment in the Spider-man series titled Far From Home is currently under production and is slated for release on July 5, 2019. According to the synopsis, the friendly neighborhood Spiderman goes on a global adventure. Though the fans will agree on one thing, nothing compares to the “global adventure” which our beloved hero went on in Infinity War saga. It left him feeling not so good and broke our hearts when he withered away into dust.

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