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When Can We Expect Superman & Lois Season 3 To Release?

Superman & Lois Season 3 Release Date
Superman & Lois Season 3 Release Date

Let’s talk about the release date for Superman & Lois Season 3. Just as the show is about to conclude its sophomore Season with good traction and a solid plotline, the CW revamps its array of series after a massive cutdown of productions that included Legacies, 4400, Dynasty, and Charmed. And this production will bring new adventures for another season!

The show, produced by Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, Sarah Schecter, and Todd Helbing, was renewed in March. Here, we’re exploring everything you must know about the upcoming third Season of Lois Lane’s and Clark Kent’s adventures and romances! Without further ado, let’s begin!

Superman & Lois Season 3 Release Date

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman

The CW Renews Series & Cancels Others

As stated earlier, this series was renewed in March 2022 by the CW with expectations to fill up and gather more traction than its sophomore season. And though the second season isn’t over yet, this is one of the series that made it to the renewal, the others being All American, Riverdale, Kung-Fu, The Flash, Nancy Drew, and Walker.

But ones that didn’t make it to the renewal are some fan favorites like Dynasty and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. And some other reboot experiments that turned out dreadful ratings-wise, like 4400 and that Charmed reboot that no one seemed to care for.

Superman & Lois Season 2 Recap

Though the series season hasn’t concluded yet —there’s one more episode, titled “Lies That Bind,” penned by Rina Mimoun and directed by David Mahmoudieh, slated for airing on May 31, 2022—, we are presenting a recap of the Season so far. In past episodes, we’ve seen several story arcs expand. So let’s unpack that a little bit.

Superman In Jail!

Superman wakes up in jail with Tal-Rho and begs Anderson to look into Ally. After Anderson injures Tal-Rho to get Superman to reveal information, the Kryptonian brothers stage a battle to escape. They retreat to Tal-Fortress, Rho’s, where Superman’s alternate ego shows that he and his Tal-Rho were inseparable until his Tal-wife Rho’s attempted to murder him.

Anderson obtains X-K and Project 7734 weapons and finds Tal-Fortress. Rho wounds Tal-Rho and murders Superman’s strange replica. Before returning Tal-Rho to prison, Superman brings him near the sun to cure him. Clark gets home, Sarah discovers Kyle, and Dean tries to exploit Kyle’s affair, but Lana encourages his fans to overlook it. Anderson pays Ally a visit with the inverse world’s pendant, although he is wanted for arrest.

Lost Natalie

Natalie was lost for six months after chasing John during a temporal anomaly a year before. In the present, John emerges from a coma due to brain trauma, while Natalie struggles to forgive Clark. While Lucy writes cryptic goodbyes, Sam realizes Anderson stole the pendants. Chrissy meets up with Anderson and the cult at the mines, where they open a passage to the Inverse World. Anderson snatches the pendants and enters while Superman rescues Chrissy and Ally, but Lucy is not discovered.

Meanwhile, Kyle assists Lana in preparing for her discussion with Dean’s “family values” concerns. Sarah approaches Jordan at school and asks if they can hang out with Aubrey. Although the football season is canceled, Jonathan remains silent about Candice and is forced to work at a convenience shop. That night, Jordan defends Jonathan and Candice against an X-K dealer while ignoring Sarah. Clark forgives Natalie, and he offers her and John the home of an old friend of his. Lucy knocks on Lois’ door and says she stayed behind. When Sam takes her to her apartment, she poisons his drink and steals his Department of Defense keycard for Ally.

Superman & Lois Season 3 Release Date

A still from this season

Ally Escapes But Trouble Ensues

Ally escapes the DOD, and Superman pursues her into the Inverse World. After a month without his return, John starts stepping in for him. Lana defends Jonathan on election day when a parent chastises him about football season. Jordan covertly saves Kyle from a fire as John extinguishes it. He informs Lois, who orders Jordan not to utilize his powers for vigilantism. Natalie becomes enraged with John for failing to recall that it was the day her mother died.

Candice comes forward once Sam determines the fire was at an X-K trading hub and guarantees Jonathan immunity for his source. Jordan saves Sam and Lois after being kidnapped at an X-K production facility. Lana triumphs in the election. John and Natalie reunite and watch old Lois videos. Sarah is furious that Jordan missed the entire day and decides to end their relationship since she believes he isn’t putting her first. Later, Inverse Jonathan comes to the Kent residence and informs Lois and Jordan that their Clark was “too late.” Superman is depicted on the ground.

The Inverse World

The history of the residents of the Inverse World was presented to us in several flashbacks for our understanding. Kal-El is well-known and close to Tal-Rho, who is married to Lana. Years later, he becomes enamored with his celebrity and abandons his sons. Jonathan (Jon-El) receives abilities and joins Ally, along with Lana (who also gains abilities) and Tal-Rho.

As Ally seizes control of the DOD and the media, Lois and Jordan abandon Kal-El and go into hiding with Sam. Anderson fails to merge with his other self after Earth’s arrival, Prime’s, and is slain by Jon-El. He locates Lois with the assistance of Chrissy. Superman reconciles with Anderson after his arrival, and the two fight Jon-El, Lana, and Tal-Rho. Jon-El murders Anderson and hands over the pendants to Ally, who fuses with her alternate self and urges Jon-El to do the same. Jon-El travels to Earth-Prime, and Tal-Rho lets Superman pursue him.

The Plot Thickens

Superman appears just in time to prevent Jon-El from merging with Jonathan. Clark uses Jonathan’s visions to hunt down Jon-El but is stopped by Lana, unaware that a month has passed or that she has won the election. Jon-El threatens Sarah in her new automobile and kidnaps Lana the next day. Lois is aware of this and conceals the truth from Sarah. While summoning the Inverse Lana, Jon-El draws out and beats Superman with kryptonite. She enters the mines and assaults John and Natalie, mining for X-K.

Superman & Lois Season 3 Release Date

Kal El soaring above earth

Clark Reveals His Identity To Lana

After that, Natalie stabs her and flees to the Inverse World. Jordan intercepts Jon-El and takes his first flight. He knocks out Jon-El in the sky and nearly falls himself. Lana can extricate herself from the kryptonite in time for Superman to arrive and save Jordan. Later on, Jon-El was remanded into the custody of the Department of Defense. Lana is brought home by Superman, who informs her that Jon-El is not Jonathan. Clark tells Lana that he is Superman with the help of his family.

Where To Watch Superman & Lois Online?

If you want to watch Superman & Lois, tune in to The CW on Tuesdays at 20:00 hrs Eastern Time, United States. If you want to stream the show, you can do it from The CW’s app or website, the CW seed, DirecTV, Spectrum on demand, HBO Max, and Fubo TV. Lastly, episodes are available for purchase from Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, the Microsoft Store, and Vudu Fandango.

Superman & Lois Season 2 Trailer:

Superman & Lois Season 3 Release Date

There’s no official release date for Superman & Lois Season 3. Still, it’s safe to assume that the show will release in January 2023. We make this assumption because the debut and sophomore season aired in the midseason for the CW. We know for sure that the third Season will consist of thirteen episodes, just like its predecessors.

Superman & Lois Season 3 Possible Plotlines

Though the show’s sophomore season hasn’t concluded by the time of print for this article, we know that Superman & Lois takes a lot of inspiration from DC’s Rebirth plotline. And if we follow suit, we might see the story arc of Lana Lang and her growing powers, she becomes Superwoman, and maybe the writers could bring her over to the series and expand on that dynamic relationship.

Moreover, we could also see Lex Luthor pop up to face off against Superwoman and Superman. So there are many exciting new story arcs that the scriptwriters could explore. After all, the Arrowverse is vast and expanding, and we can even see some crossovers. But that’s all up for grabs. In sum, Superman & Lois Season 3 is happening, and as soon as we receive the official release date, we will post an update for you. That’s all the time we have now for this topic at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, and see you soon!

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