When Can We Expect Golden Kamuy Season 4 To Release?

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Golden Kamuy season 4 release date

Over time, anime has grown to be one of the most important aspects of our lives, as new and new and improved series are being released around the world. Golden Kamuy is one such anime that has created a lot of buzz on the internet, with its Season 4 just around the corner. So let’s check out when is Golden Kamuy Season 4 going to release?

The anime aired its first Episode on 9th April 2018. The story goes around our main character Saichi Sugimoto who is shown as a veteran of the early twentieth century Russo-Japanese War who is determined to find a treasure, a huge fortune of gold that belongs to the Ainu people. In his quest, he is helped by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa. The story has a unique language called the Ainu language and is supervised by Hiroshi Nakagawa, who is considered an Ainu language linguist from Chiba University. A fun fact about this series is that the manga version of this anime had won the ninth Manga Taishō award in the year 2016.

The animated series aired its first 2 Seasons in 2018, which aired from the month of April to December. Later after taking a two years gap, the anime released its 3rd Season, which went on for two months, i.e., October 2020 to December 2020. The animated series was a great success, and fans were eagerly waiting for Season 4.

Golden Kamuy season 4 release date
Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy Manga Series

Written by Satoru Noda, “GOLDEN KAMUY” shows a story during the Meiji era. During this time, the story’s main character is shown to be Saichi Sugimoto, who is a veteran of the Russo-Japanese War. The character is in search of a hidden trove of Ainu gold. The map to this hidden stack of gold is encoded in the tattoos of a group of convicts who have escaped from the Abashiri Prison. In search of these prisoners, our main character meets with a young Ainu girl named Asirpa.

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According to the online platforms, the manga has brought about 310 chapters for the series and has reportedly entered the final arc of the story. The manga made its debut in Weekly Young Jump back in 2014 and has taken a seven-year-long journey since then. The manga has earned many prizes like the Manga Award 2016 Grand Prize and the 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award Manga Grand Prize.

Golden Kamuy
Golden Kamuy

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Golden Kamuy Recap: Anime Story Covered Till Now

The story begins by showing Saichi Sugimoto, who plays a veteran from the Battle of 203 Hill. Presently he works as a panner in Hokkaido to help his dead comrade’s wife. One fine night our main character is approached by a drunk old man, who in no sense of mind tells him about a legend of gold that can only be found after deciphering a map of tattoos. Apart from this, he is also hinted that the tattoos will be located on a group of convicts who escaped Abashiri Prison.

Our main character shakes this thing off, thinking that the old man is just teasing him, and wakes up the next day in front of the old man, pointing a gun at him. The old man was quite apologetic to Sugimoto, claiming that he had shared too much for which he had to kill him. But Sugimoto manages to overpower and capture him, following him into the woods. We later see that the old man is completely disemboweled by a bear, who appears to have a tattoo of a large map behind his back, on his chest, and on his shoulders.

Though the bear tries to attack Sugimoto, he is saved by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa, and here when he decides to go on a venture to find the gold with the help of Asirpa. Asirpa is not that keen on gold but wants to help our main character just to gain revenge for her father, who was one of the Ainu miners who was betrayed.

Golden Kamuy
Golden Kamuy war image

When they checked up on the tattoos, the two came to the realization that the tattoos had seams that indicated that this prisoner was destined to be killed and skinned. Since Asirpa did not want any needless killing to happen, she proposed that they try to work with the prisoners they find by just tracing their tattoos.

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Later on, after the series brought in Shiraishi, who is an escape artist and tattooed convict, but soon after this, Sugimoto’s group gets into trouble. They enter into a fight with First Lieutenant Tsurumi, who is described as the insane leader of the 7th Division. If this was not enough, they also got themselves in trouble with Hijikata, who is known to be the last living samurai. Due to the most significant allure of the gold and the quality that anyone could be a traitor for anyone at any time, many parties were formed and broken so that one single party did not get all the tattoos to decipher the map.

In the Third Season, Asirpa gets separated from Sugimoto as she travels to the Russian border. The reason for doing so was to know more, to discover more about her father’s involvement in the whole treasure fiasco, the codes tattoos. On the other hand, Sugimoto is determined to find Asirpa before he can continue the journey so that he can keep on protecting her.

Which Characters Will Be Seen In Season 4?

In total, the animated series of “Golden Kamuy” revolves around the journey of a team of two adventures. These main adventures one being “The Immortal”, Saichi Sugimoto who was given this nickname for his surviving capabilities during the Japanese war. Sugimoto is mostly seen as a muscular Japanese man having brown eyes and spiky brown hair. He usually covers his hair with a military cap. One other way we can identify the character is that he has three scars. Two of them run parallel vertically down both his cheeks, one on each side, and the third one goes across his face horizontally.

Golden Kamuy season 4 release date
Sugimoto from Golden Kamuy

Next, we have Asirpa, who is an Ainu girl who is not interested in the treasure but wants revenge for the death of her father, who was one of the Ainu miners who discovered the treasure. Together they plan to find a hidden stash of gold ore, which can only be found in the shape of tattoos scattered among the prisoners who escaped. In appearance, Asirpa has dark hair, which beautifully grows down to the middle of her back. Apart from this, she also has blue eyes with tints of green, which is said to be similar to that of her father.

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On this journey, they were also accompanied by an ex-con Shiraishi who had a piece of the tattoed map on them. The character will also be seen in Season 4. Along with this, we also have our antagonist Japanese First Lieutenant Tsurumi, who will be returning in Season 4 as well. Tsurumi will also be accompanied by his loyal men, who were seen throughout the series.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date

During a stage presentation for the Golden Kamuy franchise at AnimeJapan 2022, it was announced that Golden Kamuy Season 4 would be released in the month of October this year. Apart from this, it was also announced that Brains Base would replace Geno Studio in animating the 4th Season.

Golden Kamuy season 4 release date
Golden Kamuy, Sugimoto’s team

Apart from this, the chief director for the previous season, Hitoshi Nanba, will also be replaced with Shizutaka Sugahara. Noboru Takagi will be making his return to the team overlooking the secret for this Season. Also, Takumi Yamakawa will be replacing Kenichi Ohnuki as the new character designer for Season 4.

Meanwhile, there have been no changes in the voice actors for the upcoming Season. Chikahiro Kobayashi will be voicing Saichi Sugimoto, the main character, while Haruka Shiraishi will be giving her voice to Aspira, an Ainu lady. Apart from this, we also have Kentaro Ito, who will be voicing our ex-con Shiraishi Yoshitake. We also have Houuchu Otsuka, who will be voicing for Tokushirou, and Tsurumi Joji Nakata will be giving his voice for Toshizuo Hijikata in the Fourth Season.

Where To Watch Golden Kamuy Season 4?

As of now, Golden Kamuy has 3 of its Seasons readily available on streaming platforms. You can watch those, along with the upcoming Season 4, when it arrives, on streaming platforms like Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon, and so on.

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