When Calls The Heart 2022 Premiere Date Revealed

When calls the heart
When Calls The Heart

In today’s fast-paced lives, people more often stick to those rampant fast-paced movies and tv series. People or viewers are always in for those high on CGI action-packed movies. Big production houses are moving into making money through those CGI-heavy movies. Very soon, the monotonous sheep walk will affect the viewership very distraughtly. Thankfully, some artists and creators are very persistent with the “slice of life” genre of movies and tv shows. The light-hearted and feel-good content are made with class and value. So when we talk about light-hearted and easy to eye kinds, then how can we not bring in “When Calls The Heart”.

Hallmark Channel is known for shows and movies which are light and carries a feel-good emotion to them. The content is well appreciated by fans and critics because of the simplicity carried all through the course of their existence in the industry. they have made an identity for themselves, which is idolized by various production houses and taken for reference while making the Slice of life genre movies.

When Calls the Heart is a sight for the sore eye. A beautiful tale that is only 8 seasons old. So keeping the funny bones apart, the long-running Hallmark Channel’s most popular show When Calls the Heart, is a fan favourite. Such that the fans have a name for themselves, Hearties. So the Hearties, along with the fanbase name, have conventions every year before the productions start.

The convention is known as Hearties Family Reunion. Though the convention felt the halt of the pandemic in the years 2020 and 2021. Hence, the Hearties were hoping for some good news for 2022 rather, they got an unexpected announcement through multiple sources that their favourite show is coming back for the 9th season. So now the convention will be underway, irrespective of the situation regarding the rising number of the virus contracted cases. The happier note on the announcement is that fans, may not be kept waiting for the next season.

BTS of When Calls the heart
BTS from the sets of When Calls The Heart

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When Calls The Heart Story So Far

Just like any other Hallmark show, When Calls The Heart is a true representation of the production house. Only the look and feel is given a bit periodic but it’s the touch of classic nostalgia given to the whole show. Across the 8 seasons, When Calls the Heart followed multiple story arcs, but if it has to be jotted down to something, then it would be Elizabeth, the leader who fell in love with a Mountie and enjoys a married life. Soon she lost her husband to an untimely death. Then she is left all alone with her son, Jack. Soon, in the following years, she manages quite well all by herself, but soon encounters two men, one businessman Lucas and another Mountie Nathan. Simultaneously, she held onto the person who was the perfect support to her being a single parent to Jack.

Elizabeth and Lucas
Elizabeth and Lucas

The Hearties were equally divided upon the decision of Elizabeth at the end of the 8th season. Her choice of Lucas being the one for her divided the Hearties with variable opinions. Though season eight kept a lot of story arcs open for the upcoming season or seasons.

When Calls The Heart Season 9 Release Date

The last few months or rather a couple of years have been very difficult for the industry in general. There is a sense of respect towards the entertainment industry when it comes to the difficulties they are going through during this pandemic. There were instances when it all seemed surreal when the ninth season was announced. As there were no such hints dropped by the makers before, the Hearties felt the later sobs from the future for the delay. But since the situation has eased up a little in various parts of the world. The makers decided to keep up with their schedule and not disappoint the fans. And since then the announcements and hints have never stopped.

To date, there are a lot of things confirmed for the ninth season of When Calls the Heart. The show’s front runners already gave the fans a heads up before the announcements were done. Jack Wagner and co-stars Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry went on social media and posted an impromptu video after declaring the wrap of the production for season 9. And soon, the fans went gaga over the news. Then officially, When Calls The Heart Season 9 was announced to premiere on the 6th of March 2022. And more importantly, this time, the season will have 12 episodes of the usual run-time. Previously the show had 8-10 episodes, and this has stirred excitement and joy over the Hearties community.

Where to Watch When Calls The Heart Season 9

Many of the hearties might be wondering whether the release date is true or not but it’s the makers who have announced the date and now the cause of confusion might arise when it comes to consuming the content. But there should not be any such cause of confusion because it’s quite evident that on March 6th 2022, everyone will be able to see the show via the usual mediums.

So, When Calls the Heart is available to be streamed, rented, or purchased on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes. And to catch it live, tune into Hallmark Channel.

Cast Details

When Calls The Heart is full of some talented actors. The crew of actors are brilliant at their portrayals. The performances are well appreciated with every season passing by. Much to no surprise, the lead cast is supposed to return from the previous seasons. Which includes Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton, Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant, Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard, Jack Wagner as Bill Avery, and Amanda Wong as Mei Suo, are all confirmed for the upcoming season.

The Cast of When Calls the Heart
The Cast of When Calls the Heart

Also, the previous season marked the exit of Paul Greene and Martin Cummins by the end of it. And the inclusion of Lori Loughlin is not yet confirmed because she might come in for a few episodes, but it is to confirm that her character is going to stick with leading the line for the spin-off show When Hope Calls. Certainly, When Hope Calls is a spin-off that is on its own a hit in the industry. The show follows the character played by Lori Loughlin in When Calls The Heart. The spin-off showcases the story of Lillian, Abigail and Grace’s closely. And since the show has aired it has gotten immense appreciation from the fans as well as critics.

So it is expected that Abigail might come into the ninth season for certain surprise cameos to deal with vital situations in the story ahead. Certainly, the news has gotten fans talking and discussing a lot of theories regarding reappearances of other characters too. But there has been no such development from the makers as of yet about any other characters coming back.

Potential Plot for When Calls The Heart Season 9

The 9th season of the show will probably follow up from where they left off the previous season. The mayoral elections will be a sight to watch because the hard-earned position will be well respected and accounted for in the Valley. Also, Elizabeth had chosen Lucas as the suitor. And soon enough, they will go ahead with their relationship. But in hindsight, Elizabeth will discover about Lucas’s past, and he might not turn up as the person everyone looks out for. So that could stir up new thrills.

Now the makers are persistent to develop the show and the plot more for prospects like the spin-off/s. Expecting the twist and turns in the plotline throughout the 8 seasons have been commendable. So fans/Hearties could hope for more development to their favourite characters as the story progresses.

Certain questions were arriving through the fan forums, regarding the Elizabeth and Lucas getting all the limelight for the whole season or not. Because proving from the promotional gigs, it seems like they might run the show single-handedly with their presence and parts. But the makers have also recognized the confusion amongst fans. And declared that Elizabeth and Lucas are just the bit of the show for Season 9. According to the makers, season 9 will be finely polished than other seasons and are going to emphasize sub-plots too. So the ‘fan servicing’ bit of the show is well taken care of by the makers.

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