What Will Happen in Severance Episode 7? Spoilers & Speculations

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Severance episode 7 release date
Severance is currently streaming on Apple TV+

Severance Episode 7 arrives next week with Mark and his team contending with increased restrictions and vigilance from the company. Episode 6 sees Ms. Cobel being briefed by Mr. Graner about a crucial piece of information related to Petey. He tells her that a former Lumon employee hacked Petey’s chip. The name of this former employee is Regabhi. Meanwhile, Mark throws away Petey’s phone but later in the episode, he retrieves it but more on that later. Ms. Cobel calls Mark and yells at him for not properly controlling his team. She also prohibits any kind of interaction between the MDR team and any other team in the department.

Mark finally stands up to her by later joining his team with meeting up the O&D department. The two teams meet and discuss what’s going on in this company and just what exactly it is that they’re doing. However, Mr. Milchick interrupts the meeting and takes Mark to the break room. Later, Mark goes on another date with Alexa. It goes well and the two attend Petey’s daughter’s concert as well. Following that, Mark finally takes up Petey’s phone and follows up on the missed calls. He dials up the number and the person on the other hand instantly recognizes him. They eventually meet in person and we learn that this person is Regabhi. We also learn a couple of things about this mysterious character that has ties to Lumon and a connection to Petey. Meanwhile, Ms. Cobel orders Mr. Graner to follow and investigate Regabhi.

Who plays Irving in severance
Dylan, Irving, and Mark in episode 6

Let’s now delve into all that episode 7 of Severance will entail. Spoilers ahead!

What Will Happen Next in the Show?

Titled “Defiant Jazz”, the upcoming episode is directed by Ben Stiller, with the teleplay from Helen Leigh. The official synopsis states that Mark and his team will encounter new security measures from Cobel. It will be especially interesting to see how the team and Mark deal with these new restrictions and vigilance. Meanwhile, where is the Regabhi character leading the story toward? We know that she helped Petey and she seems to be on the workers’ side but there’s also a fog of mystery around her.

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Is There a Trailer for the Next Episode?

No. However, there is a promo encapsulating a great tease at what all will transpire in this premiere season of the show. Check it out here;

Severance Episode 7 Release Date

Severance Episode 7 will release on March 25, 2022. New episodes of the show premiere on the streamer every week on Fridays, at 3:00 am ET.

Where To Watch Severance Episode 7?

You can find other incredible films and TV shows on the platform to binge on. All you need to do to watch the show and more is sign up for an Apple TV+ subscription. Sign up now and get a 7-day free trial before paying $4.99 per month.

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