What Will Happen in One Piece: RED? Here is Everything We Know!

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What will happen in One Piece: RED?
Shanks; What will happen in One Piece: RED?

The story that has been around for more than two decades is finally revealing great things in the manga. Every chapter of the manga is on a different level and exciting. Hardcore One Piece fans, including me, can’t get enough, and waiting a week for the new chapter is like torture. However, the torture ends when the new chapter comes out or the spoilers for them. Being on the edge of the Wano arc, we are seeing great things in this developing story. Furthermore, One Pice: RED, the newest film, is getting ready to release and driving the fans crazy with trailers and theories. In this article, we will tell you what will happen in the film One Piece: RED.

The mysterious character Shanks has been in the dark throughout the whole series. Despite having the smallest screen time and stories about him, Shanks is one of the most famous characters and most spoken among the One Piece Fans. The new movie, which fans assume will focus on Shanks, as the logo of the film has Shank’s scar on it. In addition, there is a girl in the new trailers, and one of the main focuses of the film is Shank’s daughter. There are a lot of questions about what will happen in the new film One Piece: RED.

Luffy in One Piece: RED

About One Piece: RED

The film One Piece: RED is an upcoming film in the One Piece franchise. It is an addition to the previous fourteen films in the One Piece series. The film was announced in the celebration of the 1000 Episodes of the One piece on November 21, 2021. The 15th One Piece film will be released on August 6th, 2022, in the Japanese theater. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the international release of the film nor for the dubbed version of the film. So far, there are two trailers for the film, and both of them give very less information regarding what will happen in the new movie.

As in the previous One Piece movies, the One Piece: RED will be an original film, not referring to the sources of manga. Tsutomu Kuroiwa wrote the story for the movie along with Oda. Oda is also the producer for the film as well as the supervisor. Whereas the director of the Code Geass series, Goro Taniguchi, will be directing the new One Piece Film. So far, with two trailers, we can assume that movie will focus on Shanks and a new female character who is revealed to be Shank’s daughter.

What will happen in One Piece: RED? What is the Plot?

One of the major theories that fans are assuming is that Shanks and Luffy might finally meet. But will that really happen? After twenty years of stretching the story and most awaited meeting, will it be on the Big Screens? It is easy to assume that Oda would not want to have one of the most awaited scenes in a project where he does not have control. It will be way later in the manga when the manga is at its peak. From the trailers, we can assume that rather than focusing on the past of the most mysterious One Piece character, it will talk about the adventure that Shanks had where he might have saved an orphan girl on a deserted island, who is now his adopted daughter.

One Piece: RED FIlm
Shanks’s Daughter. What will happen in One Piece: RED?

The story focuses on a new female character Uta who is the world’s most popular diva, and she is going to be performing for the first time on an Island. Her voice is out of the world as she sings, but she is hiding her true identity. Pirates and the Navy alike are coming from all over the world to see the performance of the famous diva, including the straw hats pirates. In the trailers, it stated that her voice would change the world. It could either bring happiness or imprisonment. As Luffy is on the Island, what will he do to help or stop Shank’s daughter Uta?

Where to watch the One Piece: RED?

As mentioned earlier, so far, the new film is set to release on 8th August 2022 in Japanese theater only. International fans will have to wait for the theater release in their region or until the movie comes on OTT platforms.

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