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What Was The Real Name Of Swavy?

What Was The Real Name Of Swavy?

What was the real name of Swavy? News has started to spread that the viral TikTok star Swavy has been shot dead. This was a tragic loss as Swavy lost his life to a senseless act of gun violence. This once again proves how lousy the US gun laws are and how they must be controlled better. Hopefully, some actions are taken to enact stricter gun laws in the future. Nevertheless, that’s a discussion for the authorities. Today, we will be looking at Swavy’s actual identity. We will learn more about the TikTok star, his family, and his friends. Most importantly, for those of you who don’t know it yet, we will also be revealing the real name of Swavy. While his TikTok handle is known as @babyface.s, he was known on the internet as Swavy. But both of the names are far from the actual name of Swavy.

Swavy was a TikToker, who had a total of 2.7 million followers on the platform. Along with this, he even had an Instagram account with a total of 432l followers. His family is currently handling this account as they try to make arrangements for their child’s memorial services. Through this, we have learned that Swavy’s TikTok account has been suspended. Due to this, the family is unable to get into the platform. They are currently trying to contact TikTok to retrieve his account as he had broken no community guidelines. Swavy had done bits on TikTok with over 100 million likes, with his recent video reaching over 6.8 million views. Unfortunately, while we won’t be able to see any new content from him, we cannot even access his older content.

What was the Real Name of Swavy?

The real name of Swavy was Matima Miller. Matima Miller appeared on TikTok with the username @babyface.s. Meanwhile, his Instagram account is named @oneway.swavy. The viral TikToker is most popularly known for making dance segment videos. Along with this, he has also made several meme skits.

What Was The Real Name Of Swavy?

Matima Miller also known as Swavy.

After Matima’s death, his family uses his Instagram to stay connected to his fans. Here, they thanked his fans for the continued support Matima was shown by them. According to what they captioned on one of their posts, Matima died on 5th July 2021. And due to top the legality of the events and investigation, they are unable to provide any more information on the same. The family is currently trying to get justice for Swavy and will try to keep his legacy alive. They have asked people to refrain from spreading false information on his death. And we, too, will respect this and not dig deeper than the official sources have confirmed.

After this message, the family even conducted a balloon raise for Swavy. Here, the fans were asked to bring blue and silver balloons at Joe Perkins Playground at Southbridge. Other than this, the family has also started a GoFundMe page for Matima Miller Memorial Home. Any funds collected through this will be used for any proceedings that require money in relation to Swavy’s death. After this, the family has come to the platform yet again to inform the fans that Swavy’s TikTok account has been suspended. Here, they hope they can reach out to TikTok and retrieve the account.

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How Did Swavy Die?

As per Swavy’s family’s wishes, we are not here to make assumptions about Swavy’s death. But there have been some things that have been said by Swavy’s friend, Mikula, also known as Kid Maury, on YouTube. He was the first one to confirm that Swavy had been shot dead. He only had kind words for his friend and wished that he rest in peace. Mikula was even seen crying in his video as he mourned his dead friend. He even refused to say his real name on the video and just referred to him by the name people knew him by, Swavy.

What Was The Real Name Of Swavy?

YouTuber Kid Maury, also known as Mikula.

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