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What To Expect From The Kings Episode 5?

What To Expect From The Kings Episode 4?

What to expect from The Kings Episode 5? This question will be answered shortly. Showtime has marked a great run in the last few years, and this network has mostly remained at the top of the TRP charts for one or another reason. It has come up with many amazing shows, series, and documentaries that have received a great response from its subscribers. It again made a comeback with a four-part mini-series based on four legends of the boxing rings. After the era of Muhammad Ali ended, these four players again raised the legacy of the boxing game.

Roberto Duran, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, and Sugar Ray Leonard are the four legendary boxers whose dominance was showcased in this series. It took all the fans to the time when the legacy of these four was at its peak. They were the only reason why viewers again started enjoying boxing. It is a complete masterpiece series that everyone has appreciated and praised a lot. As of now, four episodes of this series have been released. And now it’s time for The Kings Episode 5. Hence, we have got all the latest updates about it that you should have a look at.

What To Expect From The Kings Episode 4?

Match Card Of The Kings Series

The Kings Episode 5 Release Date & Spoilers

There will be no “The Kings Episode 5” as this series has already ended. Yes, you heard it right, it was a four-part mini-series, and all the four parts have already been released. The fans have very much liked it for having a great storyline based on real events. Even the critics have also appreciated it for being awesome throughout and have highly praised this series for having worthy content and have rewarded it with really high ratings. It has received a tremendous response throughout the globe.

For all the cable cord users, this series premiered on Showtime at 8 pm ET. This series is also released on the official site of Showtime for those who have missed watching it. You can sign up on Showtime’s official site to stream all the episodes of this series. We have also learned that the creators are planning to release this series on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. This can happen anytime soon for all the viewers who might have missed the live stream of this series. We will very soon update the official confirmation about it on our site, so stay connected for that.

What To Expect From The Kings Episode 4?

A Still From The Kings

Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Episode 3 was titled “Part Three: The Will to Win,” and it was released on 20 June 2021. The fourth episode was titled “Part Four: A Champion Never Quits” and it was released on 27 June 2021. Both the episodes have marked huge viewership for this series as of now. This is all because of the worth watching content that they were having. All the thrill and fights showed the legacy of the King. They also gave a lot of good things for all the fans to learn from Leonard. Everyone has highly liked these episodes like all the previous episodes of this series.

In the third episode, Ray Leonard ascended the throne. He met with a severe eye injury which forced him to retire. Duran hit rock bottom, but he made a miraculous comeback which was surprising for everyone. No one was ever expecting that he can make a comeback. Leonard and Duran were then out of the way. Finally, the stage was set for one of the greatest fights of all time that was going to happen between Hagler and Hearns.

In episode 4, Ray Leonard came out of retirement to fight Hagler. Hagler gets disgusted with all the verdicts of the judges and decided to quit. Hearns devastates Leonard when a rematch happens between both of them. Leonard and Duran had a final fight, and the Kings’ legacy again gets assured. This marked the end of the last episode of this series. These were the major events that took place in the third and fourth episodes of this series, making it worth watching for everyone. As of now, we have shared all the updates about this series.

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