What To Expect From RimWorld Ideology?

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What To Expect From RimWorld Ideology?

RimWorld Ideology is a special expansion pack to the RimWorld Game. The Ideology Expansion allows players to have a better role-playing experience. Players or colonists can now have a belief system of their own. This will allow players to express themselves better through the gameplay. This expansion pack should allow players to better disintegrate themselves as groups and even try to act out a scene from Indiana Jones. Colonists can attack an ancient structure and steal some treasure as well.

According to Developers Ludeon, RimWorld Ideology should allow players to have their own belief systems or ideologies. One can choose to be part of blind undergrounder mole people, piratical nudist cannibals, machine-obsessed transhumanists, charitable ranching cowboys, and many more. This expansion pack allows one to create their own belief systems. And the Developers have put a total of 15 months into its production. One other feature the game has added with the Ideology Expansion is the Gauranlen trees, which will also be discussed below.

RimWorld Ideology Release Date

RimWorld Ideology is set to be released on 20th July 2021. This announcement was officially made on 18th July 2021. And as the exact time of the same has not been revealed, most people worldwide may have to wait until 21st July 2021 for the update to actually become online on Steam. The actual announcement was made through Steam News, where Ludeon’s employee Tia came forward to share the details about the upcoming expansion pack.

What To Expect From RimWorld Ideology?
RimWorld Ideology Still.

RimWorld Ideology Expansion Pack would come along with a new patch. This is Patch 1.3, which was previously available through the beta version of the game. And from 20th July 2021, this patch will become the default version of RimWorld. You can have the RimWorld Ideology Expansion Pack Wishlisted so that you can download it as soon as it arrives on Steam.

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Often, many players are just not comfortable with the new changes. Therefore, the ones who wish to play the game through Patch 1.2, they can do so. All you need to do is, go to RimWorld on Steam and go to its Properties through the Betas tab. Here, you should see the option to select Patch version 1.2. Selecting this should have the game stay on version 1.2 until you change it again. And one need not worry about their progress. Having the game update to version 1.3 shouldn’t hinder your save game. The save games will load up with the Ideologies. But the issue is that you would not be able to choose your belief system that comes with the Ideology Expansion Pack.

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Gauranlen trees in RimWorld Ideology Expansion

This new Expansion by RimWorld will see the introduction of Gauranlen trees. A Gauranlen pod may sprout out now and again near your settlement. This pod can be harvested for seed. This seed, in turn, can be used to grow a Gauranlen tree. These trees have the ability to produce creatures called Dryads. While these creatures look cute, they do not do much unless they are given their castes. The castes can be given to a Dryad by a human. A human must link with a tree to connect with it and produce the form of dryads they need.

What To Expect From RimWorld Ideology?
Gauranlen trees.

Dryads can be produced of many varieties like:

  • Crawler Dryads: These Dryads are quite vicious as they have a high damage output but are also quite fragile.
  • Barkskin Dryads: These Dryads are basically tanks as their chunky and well-armored bodies can soak up any incoming damage.
  • Carrier Dryads: These Dryads are capable of carrying stuff for you.
  • Woodmaker Dryads: These Dryads can produce wood on their own. These are perfect for players who do not wish to chop down the trees.
  • Medicinemaker Dryads: These Dryads possess a special bulb over their backs that sprout out herbal medicines every other moment.
  • Berrymaker Dryads: These Dryads can momentarily shed piles of ripe berries.
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Players who are able to have a good connection with the trees can unlock special bonuses. These bonuses even involve the production of Gaumakers. Gaumakers can come together to produce Gauranlen pods themselves to produce Gauranlen trees.

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