What Really Happened To The Grand Priest and Angel In The Future – Explained

Ever since the Goku Black/Future Trunks Arc when Goku Black and Zamasu told Goku and the other’s that they themselves single handedly killed the God’s of Destruction there has been many questions left unexplained and debate surrounding this. In this Article I’m going to give you all some insight as to what may of happened in Trunks’s Future with the God’s of Destruction, the Angel’s, the Supreme Kai’s and the Great Priest himself.

Now one of the biggest questions in all of this craziness that was the Goku Black/Trunks Arc was “What happened with the Great Priest when Future Zeno came to the current Timeline?”. Did the Great Priest just carry on business as usual? Did he take over for Zeno? Happen to go on Vacation? Well seeing how the Great Priest is Zeno’s attendant just like how Whis is Beerus’s attendant, normally when an attendant is no longer needed the attendant or Angel just sort of leaves.

They don’t die, they don’t hang around carrying out the day. Angel’s when not needed they hang out in a separate place from any other existence which only Angel’s can go too. Is it possible the Great Priest went there after Zeno left? Seeing how the Great Priest is the original Angel and attendant that gave life to the other Angel’s that attend to the God’s of Destruction it’s pretty safe to say he can choose what he wanted to do when no longer needed, possibly waiting for the next Zeno to come in to creation.

On to what probably had the biggest controversy in debates within the Dragon Ball Community was “How did the God’s of Destruction die?” and “What happened to the Supreme Kai’s?” well I got some very bad news for you all. All the Supreme Kai’s were killed before the God’s of Destruction were! If we look at our Universe or even Universe 10 as an example for this. Our Supreme Kai and Universe 10’s Gowasu stayed in there own world what was referred to as the “World of the Kai”. Knowing that, that would mean that the Supreme Kai’s are completely vulnerable to an attack by any Entity that can get there, like another Kai – Zamasu and Goku Black.

As Whis mentioned to Goku in the series, if you want to kill a God of Destruction, just kill the Supreme Kai for the Universe and that Universes God of Destruction will automatically die. Even tho Zamasu was immortal and Goku Black were incredibly strong as we saw in Universe 7 we saw how much more stronger a God of Destruction is then Zamasu. The only way they could of killed all the God’s of Destruction is to kill their Supreme Kai’s.

Finally what happened to the Future without Zeno? As we all know, in our timeline our Zeno wanted to destroy a number of Universes cause he thought “there were too many” and “they were not evolving enough” and instead of just destroying them, Zeno after seeing the Tournament between Universes 6 and 7 decided hold a Tournament to decide which one survives. Now with no Zeno and no God’s of Destruction, is there any Universal Balance? Is there anyone over seeing what goes on with the other Universes?

I’m here to say there will be EVENTUALLY. From what we gathered all of the business with Zeno, and the Great Preist and the God’s of Destruction and the Angel’s came to be over time. Zeno is an Omnipotent being, which means he just came to be. No one was there before him (maybe besides Toribot), but no one created him. Same with the Angel’s, everything developed over time for the sake of all creation. So why would it not happen again? History has shown us in Dragon Ball that it repeats itself, so how could it not?

So what are you thoughts on this? How do you think Zamasu and Goku Black killed all the God’s of Destruction? What do you think happened with the Great Priest when Zeno left? Will there ever be a new Zeno in the Future? Leave all your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments down below. As always, thanks for reading!!

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Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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