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What To Expect From What On Earth? Season 9 Episode 9?

Science Channel’s series reveals the truth of ugly humans practices. Illuminating views apprehended by more than 4,000 orbiting satellites, `What on Earth?’ reviews mysteries from strange geological phenomena to weird human-made structures.  Every day, the eyes in the sky unseal new spiritual phenomena. Some defy precise information. The series combines advanced imaging technology with analysis from military and intelligence specialists and leading scientists to search for answers.

On 22nd August, The last season of What On Earth hit the screens. It talks about Zombie Town USA: Satellite images capture proof of an abandoned town covered in the American wilderness; As specialists analyze this new proof. The report says that this unfamiliar place has to do with a top-secret military plan to battle an infantry of the undead.

The second episode talks about the Nazi Crop Circle: Mediterranean crop circles strength is assumed not to be from aliens but Nazis. Island Of Aliens Ozze: Satellites capture an island that suddenly appears in the Pacific Ocean. Also, It is bizarre and strange that there is no practical reason for appearing as a massive piece of land overnight.

Recap to Season 8

Chinese Nuclear Pyramyd Experts surmise a lost pyramid in China could be a secret military base. It’s tough to assume to list such things under paranormal or a security threat to other countries. America’s Lost, Romas, The remains of a Roman village, is located high in Peru’s mountains. History says Americans have slaughtered a lot of Romans. Whereas, A catholic Pope suggests that it is a sign of revenge and a bad omen.

The Dammed Of The Devil’s Island Satellite images leads to an investigation of Devil’s cemetery. The sources say after inspecting the site, the whole investigating team experienced sizes and several health issues. More than three times, the investigation team has been changed, and still, there is no sign of progress.

Nazzi Occult Temple Satellites capture a temple-like, Nazi construction in the forests of Poland. Expert suspect that it might be a hiding place of weapons or some smuggled items. As history is evident, Nazzi holds the experience of black magic, and it’s hard to figure out that it is a military basement or some evil omen. 

Area 51

Enigman Of Area 51 Satellites apprehend two strange patterns in the desert next to Area 51. The area went through a lot of inquiries for the same issue, but no results were disappointing. Such illusions were also evident in different areas. However, no inquiry can state the cause yet.

Curse Of King Arthur A structure in Wales is suspected of having a connection to King Arthur. King Arthur fell to his demise in the 6th century in the last war. A betrayal leads him to his end; The king’s curse made the structure. Arthus still lies there angry and in the desire of vengeance. 

What On Earth Season 9: Plot So Far

In the year 2021, The 9th Season of What On Earth hit the screens. The first Episode is called Doomsday Super Sub and was released on 9 January 2021. It talks about U.S. spy satellites monitoring North Korea’s naval shipyards capturing images. They reveal alarming developments to their fleet experts; Who use advanced experimental analysis to identify a new submarine class intended for a global threat.

The second Episode is called Hell’s Lake of Fire. It talks about the Portal of heaven and hell. Seen from the sky, a portal to the Underworld appears to have been inaugurated in Indonesia.  However, Locals claim that this unfamiliar lake spouts electric-blue fire. The authorities venture to the remote site to reveal the truth behind this hellish phenomenon.

The third Episode is called Terror of Termite Town Satellites over Brazilian forests apprehending numerous, strange mounds beyond an incredibly vast expanse of barren land; An expert botanist examines the bizarre site uncovers an extensive bioengineering project that’s a millennium in the making.

The fourth Episode is called Conspiracies in the Sky Satellite images capture strange patterns above South Korea’s waters. Experts determine if the shapes are natural phenomena or human-made. The fifth Episode is called  Ghost City of the Mojave Satellites. It apprehends images over California’s Mojave Desert that show a bizarre array of lines that resemble a large town’s layout. However, an expert examination exhibits a strange desolate landscape that may have been wiped off the map.

What On Earth Season 9 Episode 9 Release Date

Zombie Reindeer Invasion Aerial images apprehend a mound of over 300 dead deer in Norway’s mountains. Also, Their bodies bare no signs of violence. Experts investigate and exhibit they may have fallen victim to a centuries-old disease rescued from the icy tundra. Toxic Sea of Death Satellite images captures an enormous green vortex in the Baltic Sea; Due to which it seems to engulf a ship, dragging it to the ocean floor. Experts speculate that after world war 2, Nzi’s secretively got rid of the chemical weapons. Due to which the water is toxic.

Spacecraft of Nazi Death Satellite images capture a series of strange circular structures in northern Russia’s private forests. Experts investigate. It reveals the secret WWII German installations; The construction of a highly-advanced Nazi spacecraft superweapon. Also, What On Earth Season 9 Episode 9 will release on 4 March 2021. Stay tuned for more mysteries.

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