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What Manga Chapter Is Boruto Anime On Right Now?

What chapter is Boruto anime on

After Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation continues to give us more taste of the action-filled shounen anime. If not as famous as the parent anime, the Boruto anime is going at a quite great pace. Kishimoto has made sure to differentiate the characters here from the Naruto series. The development of these character arcs is yet another beautifully done piece of art. Additionally, we have also come across some very overpowered and fun villains. In the recent arcs, Boruto anime has set new bars for itself. Even in the manga, you would find yourself submerged more and more into the plot as it deepens its story. We might soon be seeing a truly strong form of Boruto. If you are dreading to start the manga from where the anime left on, you must be wondering what chapter is Boruto anime on.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation released its 203rd episode on 13 June 2021. A lot has happened so far. Boruto and Naruto’s relation is mending bit by bit. Additionally, even Kawaki is starting to soften up, even if slowly. We also saw Delta’s defeat in the recent episodes and now we prepare ourselves to watch Jigen. But when has waiting ever been fun? Although the suspense definitely hits right, a part of us continuously craves the spoilers of whatever is prepared ahead. Want to start the manga bur trying to figure out what chapter is Boruto anime on? Well, you are at the right spot of finding out.

Here are all the details about which chapter to start reading from and where to read it at. After all, waiting is not the only choice!

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 203

Episode 203 of the anime is titled ‘Surprise Attack!’


Kawaki mends the vase but feels frustrated that it still has a missing piece. Naruto calmly tells him that it’s no use finding it since Hinata cleans every day and deems it unnecessary. Kawaki replies that there is no use of a leaky vase and says that this is the reason why Boruto often gets annoyed by him. At this, Naruto tells him that he has got another strict son but Kawaki retorts that he is not his son.

After losing to Shikadai, team 5 treats team 10 to a meal. On the way, they discuss about Kawaki and wonder if he can be trusted. At the same time, Koji continues to spy on Kawaki but notices his inactivity since Delta’s attack. He also tries to analyse why Jigen had not attacked yet since he too knows about Boruto’s Kama.

Jigen Arrives

During the training, Boruto involuntarily activates his Karma when his feet slip and Mitsuki notices it. Sarada is seen buying flowers and Hinata and Himawari go to buy groceries. Amidst this, Kawaki’s karma forms a portal through which Jigen comes out. Koji, who had been surveilling all this time is shocked as well and anticipates his next move. Jigen notices his toad but ignores it. Boruto’s Karma spreads as he runs with Mitsuki towards his house scared that something is happening to Kawaki.

What chapter is Boruto anime on

Jigen about to attack with a blast.

Jigen tells them that he has come to take Kawaki back. He also tells them that he would have liked to have Boruto too. Naruto attacks him but is struck back by Jigen’s rod. The same happens to his guards. Jigen asks Kawaki to return the Karma but he refuses. As Kawaki activates his Karma, he manifests a horn. Naruto too gets rid of the rods and begins to manifest his chakra. He attacks Jigen with a kick and protects Kawaki. A furious battle breaks out between the two. Jigen is about to blast the place but is stopped when Kawaki desperately agrees to go with Jigen if he lets Naruto go. However, Naruto refuses to let Kawaki sacrifice himself as a Hokage.

Jigen creates a portal and prepares to take Naruto away and leave him somewhere unknown. But, Sasuke appears and kicks him. Jigen decides to defeat the two and the three prepare for battle.

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What chapter is Boruto anime on?

The arc that the anime is featuring at the moment is the Kawaki Arc. Episode 20 based on the events of the chapter ‘Surprise Attack…!!’ and showcases a little from ‘United Front!!’. If you are planning to read the manga, you should begin with the United Front!! chapter. This is the 37th chapter of the Boruto manga.

boruto kama

Boruto’s karma gets activated.

The Boruto anime is currently in the 36th chapter of the manga. To be exact, the Boruto manga has covered the events up to the beginning of chapter 37. You can read the manga on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app. We recommend the use of legal websites and app to access manga to support the creators.

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