What Is Virat Kohli’s Daughter’s Name?

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virat kohli daughter name
Candid moment of Kohli family along with baby Vamika.

Everybody is aware of Virat Kohli. Now, people wanted to know about Virat Kohli’s daughter. They wanted to know the name of the daughter of Virat Kohli. Recently, the Captain of the Indian Cricket team has been blessed with a baby girl. Virat Kohli is a popular celebrity face of India. He is one of the most recognized & respected personalities. He is so popular & wonderful human. Virat Kohli is popularly known as Kohli. Everybody is crazy for him. Every Indian is dying for him. He is an inspiration to millions of people. Every Indian kid is a huge fan of Virat. Children adore him. They respect him, love him & most important they follow him. If we talk about his family, he is married to Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma. The couple’s hashtag is Virushka.

Virat’s wife, Anushka Sharma is a popular celebrity in India. She is one of the gems of the Bollywood Industry. Recently, the couple has been blessed with a baby girl. Both Virat & Anushka are the superstar of India. After listening to the news of Virat & Anushka’s baby, the public has gone mad. They want to see their child. Their fans want to know the name of the celebrity’s daughter. Fans are continuously asking about their daughter. So, in this article, we will discuss the daughter of Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma daughter. We will also confirm the name of the child. And also, we will highlight some interesting points about the celebrity’s life.

Anushka & Virat Kohli Daughter

Before 8 months, Anushka Sharma has given birth to a beautiful baby. The celebrity has been blessed with a baby girl. After getting the request from millions of people, Virat & Anushka has announced the name of their daughter. So, the name of Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma’s daughter is Vamika Kohli. Yes, the celebrity kid’s name is Vamika Kohli. On the 27th of August 2020, the couple had announced their pregnancy. They posted a photo of them with a baby bump on their social media accounts. The post says that they are now three. They also added that the baby is arriving in January 2021. Have a look at the tweet of Anushka Sharma:

Vamika Kohli

Vamika Kohli is a precious gift of God to the celebrity couple, Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli. She is the daughter of the Captain of the Indian cricket team. She is 8 months old. On the 7th of February 2021, she was born in the city of Mumbai in India. Her maternal grandparents are Ajay Kumar Sharma & Ashima Sharma. Vamika’s paternal grandparents are Prem Kohli & Saroj Kohli. According to the Hindustan Times, on the birth of Vamika Kohli, Virat had sent flowers & sweets to the press & media. Virat has also requested them not to click & publish their daughter’s photos. On his request, the media has neither clicked nor posted any pictures of their daughter.

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On the birth of Vamika, the couple has posted a photo of them with their daughter. They posted on their Instagram & Twitter accounts. The couple has written that they have lived together with love, presence & gratitude as a way of life, but this little one, Vamika has taken them to a new level. The couple is super happy for their child. Have a look at the photo of Virat & Anushka with baby Vamika.

virat kohli daughter name
Special photo after the birth of baby Vamika


Moments of #Virushka with Vamika

The baby Vamika is the most beautiful part of their lives. She has been an incredible blessing for the Virushka. After the birth of the Vamika, Virat & Anushka has not posted their daughter’s photo. The couple said that they will not reveal the face of their daughter until she grows up. They also added that she will decide to come on social media. So, the baby’s face is not yet disclosed. The couple has shared many beautiful photos with baby Vamika. Anushka has shared some pics of baby Vamika on her Instagram account. And Virat has also shared some pics on his Instagram account. Once the couple & baby Vamika has been spotted at the airport. Virat with all belongings of baby & Anushka with Vamika.

virat kohli daughter name
Virat & Anushka were spotted at the airport with baby Vamika

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