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What is TikTok Ghost Filter, How To Use It?

what is TikTok Ghost Filter
TikTok Ghost Filter

Tiktok is a well-known social media application. What is Tiktok Ghost Filter and more on its details is something we will be digging into today. Tiktok is known as Douyin in China, and TikTok and Douyin have almost the same user interface. The history of TikTok is practically known to all. Currently, the application has billions of downloads and is an entertaining platform where people make videos, lip-sync songs, and make comic videos. It also has duet features and extremely cool filters. The lip-syncing of these videos can often be turned off and on, and we can make a slow-motion or a fast version of the song.

Different trends associated with the app keeps on coming from time to time, which takes over the entire social media by storm. Tiktok has, over time, set numerous records for themselves. The application mostly has a huge population of people using it, and hence allowed many other bands to gain a wider audience. Trends that are on the top can be found on TikTok’s explore page. Many trending challenges and hashtags are already enlisted with the app. From pose challenge to bottle cap challenge, all are amongst the top hashtags ever used.

Mostly with the covid-19 pandemic hitting us hard, we are all locked down in our homes. The only source of relief is some entertainment or social media fun activities. Tiktok is also one of the most used applications, and people take it over to have some fun and enjoy themselves. The TikTok ghost filter and the ripple effect are on full trend currently, so what is it about? Let’s dig in deep to know more on the same.

TikTok Ghost Filter hta is it about? how to use it?

Still from some users using the TikTok Ghost Filter.

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What is TikTok Ghost Filter?

TikTok never fails to amaze us with its new filters coming up every now and then. Currently, the Reality Ripple Effect is quite on-trend these days. TikTokkers are just simply loving it, so let’s find out what this filter is about. Reality Ripple Effect apparently detects the ghosts nearby you, and people are trying this unique filter to have a haunted effect. So you can scan your house and detect whether there is someone else living under your roof or not. Sounds amazing, right. Nevertheless, these filters are for fun, and people are just enjoying the thrill along with it. You can also join in on the trend. For which, the methods will be stated as you read further into this article.

After the trend of this ripple effect popped up, almost everyone is using it and following around with the trend to feel the presence of ghosts. The effect is mostly for fun and gives you your own Halloween feeling at home. Few people also may ask, Shat is this Reality Ripple Effect? So, Reality Ripple Effect is the same name for the TikTok ghost filter and can be found while searching for the effects while using the application. How accurate is the filter isn’t known yet? But many people also say they can actually feel something where the filter has detected. But the overall idea of the filter is just for fun, so simply kick back, enjoy the curiosity, and follow the trend.

what is TikTok ghost filter

Social Media application, TikTok

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How to use TikTok ghost filter?

TikTok ghost filter is quite easily accessible. Just click open the updated version of the app, click on the plus button in the middle of the screen. Then click on effects and then click on the heading trending. There you will find the Reality Ripple Effect or the TikTok ghost filter. The symbol of the effect is in the shape of a body with multiple colorful radiations around it. Now you are all set to go. Start recording your video and follow around the ghost effect.

So, have fun keep following up with the trends, and make your own amazing videos.

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