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What is the True Powers of Boruto’s Eyes? Is it an Otsutsuki Kekkei Genkai?

Boruto's Jougan
Boruto's Jougan

Overpowered visual abilities like Sharingan, Byakugan, and Tenseigan have always been the main attraction for the Naruto franchise. It seems that the ongoing Boruto series is following the same footsteps, with Boruto suddenly acquiring a brand-new dojutsu called Jougan, which is supposed to be inherited by the Otsutsuki clan only. Sadly, there isn’t much known about the full extent of Jougan’s powers, but the fact that someone like Tonari Otsutsuki calls it the ‘star of hope’ confirms that it has to be something exceptional.

Moreover, Tonari’s growing interest in Boruto makes the Jougan mystery even more intriguing. He went as far as showing up in Boruto’s dream just to inform him about the power of his ‘pure eyes’. He bluntly stated that the Jougan would be a crucial weapon against the destruction that will eventually come to pass, and it will also lead Boruto to the light that dispels darkness. Does that mean Jougan is something that even the likes of Otsutsuki should be afraid of?

I bet you are already scratching your head after reading the previous paragraph, but don’t worry; we have brought you everything that we know about Jougan so far and also the possible turn of events in the future.

How did Boruto get his Jougan?

There have been many theories regarding the origin story of Boruto’s Jougan. Some say that it’s an evolved version of Tenseigan, similar to how Sharingan evolves into Rinnegan, while others consider it to be a distinctive dojutsu that no one has ever seen. Here are the two convincing theories on how Boruto could possibly have got his hands to this mysterious power.

I. Inheritance

Remember how Hagomoro and Hamura teamed up against Kaguya and ultimately managed to seal her? It only hinted that the chakra blend must have been the key to unleashing unrivaled power that can even overpower someone as strong as Kaguya. Now, coming back to the recent events, Hinata was referred to as the Byakugan princess, and she received Hamura’s chakra, on the other hand, Naruto got Hagomoro’s chakra during the Fourth Great Ninja War, and Boruto being their son, must have inherited that insane blend of chakras, thereby giving rise to his Jougan.

Naruto and Hinata

Naruto and Hinata

II. Tonari Otutsuki Gave it to Boruke

There isn’t any rocket science logic in this theory. Tonari Otsutsuki must have given Jougan to Boruto for the greater good of the world. He must have reason to believe that Boruto is the only one capable of shouldering this huge responsibility and unlock the full power of Jougan.

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Abilities of Jougan

From what we have seen so far, Jougan allows Boruto to spot dark chakra, which is otherwise invisible to naked eyes, and even to Byakugan and Sharingan. Furthermore, it allows Boruto to detect inter-dimensional barriers and passages, and thanks to this ability, he managed to save Sumire. With Sasuke losing his Rinnegan, the option of using space-time ninjutsu is closed, so I am guessing that Jougan may prove himself handy in forging a safe future for Konoha.

Boruto Uzumaki.

Boruto’s Jougan

Boruto’s Jougan actives automatically whenever he faces a component foe. Much like Byakugan, it allows Boruto to see everyone’s chakra flow and its vital point, but with much greater precision. This is another one of many hints that Jougan may turn out to be an evolved version of Byakugan. Moreover, judging from how Jougan automatically actives whenever Boruto faces a competent opponent, it’s safe to assume that the Jougan gives a boost in strength and agility as well; otherwise, he could have never stood a chance before Momoshiki.

Is Jougan a Kekkei Gengan?

Since none of the hidden leaf shinobis have ever seen or heard of something like Jougan, there’s a high possibility that the Jougan isn’t a human feature in the first place; rather, it’s a kekkei genkai for the Otsutsukis. The way even the strongest Otsutsukis get surprised at the sight of Jougan leads to the speculation that Jougan can be an old kekkei genkai that hasn’t been seen in several generations.

Toneri Otsutsuki

Toneri Otsutsuki

Final Thoughts

In the popular scene from the distant future where Boruto and Kawaki confront each other for a face-off, Boruto is seen using the full power of Jougan. Moreover, his Otsutsuki karma marks synced well with his Jougan, and the markings spread through his eye, thereby confirming the theory of Jougan being related to Otsutsukis. Well, whatever the case may be, I am really looking forward to seeing Boruto’s journey from being an annoying brat to some overpowered shinobi feared by the Gods themselves. Who knows, the series may turn out to be the symbol of inspiration for the new generation of otakus, much like what Naruto was for us in our childhood days.

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