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What is the R-Slur on TikTok? R-Slur’s meaning explained

It’s the world more influenced by the internet than the real world. To become famous on the internet and social media people can do anything and everything, right or wrong. This arises the topic of R-Slur on TikTok which is very famous for its ill effects. The word may sound normal or casual but actually, it is not. R-Slang is hurtful. However, people are now becoming concerned about this issue. Every coin has two faces. The internet, social media, or TikTok also has both advantages and disadvantages. Even in many countries, TikTok is banned completely.

This is the era where even age doesn’t matter. From a child to an old-aged person, everyone is engaged in the internet to some extent. Even studies now are near to impossible without the internet. You might be watching many people around you scrolling their screens just to pass their time. Social media is making many people famous in even places out of their reach. People are running behind name and fame without even considering humanity. Many other offensive activities are there like the R-Slur on TikTok which we should take care of.

The R-Slur can mentally disturb a person. People running behind becoming famous often use the R-Slur knowingly or unknowingly on their TikTok videos without thinking about the possible outcomes. People use this offensive word in an insulting way to defame somebody or make them feel inferior. We should all appreciate and even take part in the activities taking place against R-Slur.

What is the ‘R’ slur on tiktok ?

If you are an active TikTok user, you may also be making many videos and scrolling the feeds on TikTok. Trends keep on changing with time over any social media platform. But every time we watch a trending video, it’s not always some catchy, humorous, or talent revealing content. To become famous, nowadays, some people use slang or slur, more specifically R-Slur. Users use the R-Word or the R-Slur on TikTok in an inappropriate and insulting way which is very distressing.

But now users are showing efforts against this slur. They are making videos in an attempt to completely stop the usage of the R-Slur. People use hashtags like “#rslurshouldnotbesaid” and “#stopsayingtherslur”, and various anti-R-Slur captions in order to stop its overall usage in any terms. They fear that the R-Slur is getting normalized on TikTok which is not good for anyone.

R-Slur on TikTok


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Meaning of R-Slur

R is basically slang used for the word retard or retarded. The medical sector discovered this world firstly in 1961 that generally defines the people who have a mental illness. However, after years of its introduction, when people started associating the word with a hurtful tone the US president Barrack Obama signed Rosa’s law and changed the word from mental retardation into Intellectual Disability in their legislation. Although it is extremely offensive, people now use it to point out somebody who is dumb, stupid, or unintelligent.

R is a very offensive and hurtful slang, social media users like TikTok users generally use. To increase views and get fame TikTokers make videos using this R-Slur without thinking about others. It may also disturb the self-esteem of the people. As of now, it is not used in any professional capacity, people use it as slander or defamation. It hurts when anyone passes such a harsh comment to others.

Awareness against the R-Slur on TikTok

Observing the increasing effects of R-slur on TikTok, many users of Tiktok have started taking steps against the r-slur. A movement is also currently taking place on TikTok where users spread awareness, educate people and urge them not to use R-Slur on any kind of social media platform as R-Slur prejudices the disabled people which is hurtful to them.

Also, in 2009, the campaign, Spread The Word was created. This campaign encouraged educational institutions, organizations and communities across the globe to act against R-Slur and raise education about the negative effects of R-Slur. Many people have taken the pledge to end the use of the R-Slur and make persons with disabilities feel accepted by everyone. Users are using hashtags and captions, and making videos against R-Slur to fully stop it’s usage across the world.

Awareness step against the R-Slur on TikTok

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