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What is the Power Level of Escanor of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’?

Power level of Escanor
What is Escanor's Power Level: Explained.

The Seven Deadly Sins series had some great packs of characters that had their own round of uniqueness around them. Every character brought ahead optimism and pride and taught several great things. Escanor was one of the primary characters and favorite to many within the franchise. He was the Sin of Pride and the former second prince of the Kingdom of Castellio. People love strong characters, and he was one of the strongest in the show. The power level of Escanor was not one to be messed with. The character made several scenes turn from good to better. Nakaba Suzuki’s supreme character-building skills gave us Escanor, who made an impressive impact on the fans of the story.

Fans of Nanatsu no Taizai will give you several reasons for absolutely loving Escanor. The character added so much more drama and spice to the plot that he just wouldn’t go unnoticed. Escanor’s character has a certain depth to it. One first look, he might simply look like a character that is cool with no story. However, slowly you would see how he is so much more than just that. If one wasn’t impressed by his one-liners, they would definitely respect him a lot once they actually grasp the concept behind him. 

Being a part of the Seven Deadly Sins, the power level of Escanor is indeed very high. How strong is he? What are his abilities? Here is a complete analysis of the character’s strength.

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Who is Escanor?

As aforementioned, Escanor was Lion’s Sin of Pride. Formerly, he was also known as the “The Strongest Holy Knight” in the Kingdom of Liones. Due to his ability, Sunshine, he had supreme powers in the day. Escanor’s power level was highest during noon. Like the power of the sun, his powers too grew and fell during the day and night. While he was overpowering during the day, by the fall of night, he became submissive. This change was not simply limited to his powers. Even his personality differed greatly between the day and night. Being the Son of Pride, he is drenched in the very sin he is titled. 

Escanor nanatsu no Taizai

Escanor: Seven Deadly Sins

Despite this large difference in power and personality during the day and night, Escanor remains equally responsible in both conditions. His pride remains intact during the night as well as we see him ready to complete his challenges. He was extremely caring and often looked out for those he was close to. To protect them, he was ready to give up on his power Sunshine too. 

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What is Escanor’s Power Level

Escanor is often noted to be the strongest human in the show. He has proved the point multiple times in the show. The power level of Escanor is often changing due to Sunshine. From what we have seen in the show, Escanor’s power level has ranged from 15 to 114,000. His power is highest during noon and lowest at night. He reaches a point of the peak at high noon and gains immense power that Merlin describes as the ‘invincible incarnation of power’. At this point, Escanor gains the form of The One. His power level in this form is noted to be 142,000 and is said to be more powerful than Meliodas in his Assault mode. 

Escanor power level

Escanor and Meliodas.

While The One may look pretty cool, it comes with a lot of consequences. The power can potentially injure Escanor. Towards the end, he ends up using The One to fight the Demon King and gains The One Ultimate form. He ends up sacrificing himself but not before dropping a good fight on his opponent.

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How strong is Escanor: Abilities Explained.

As quite presumably from the power level of Escanor, the character was superior in many ways and one of the strongest among the Seven Deadly Sins. He has often proven to be stronger than Ban and Jericho, too in his true strength. His extravagant strength made it impossible to believe that he was human. Escanor posed a threat to many. Despite being human, he made the Demon King shudder, which was one of the coolest parts of his character. 

Escanor vs Demon King

Escanor vs. Demon King

Escanor’s ability is called Sunshine, which rises and drops his power through the course of the day. His power increases by 5 points, thus making him gradually stronger during the day. His most feared ability is The One. He easily defeated Meliodas with a single punch in his form. 

Had it not been for his weakened state during the night, Escanor could have been undefeatable. He easily surpasses the other Sins. Even during his death, he seemed grand.

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