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What Is The Meaning Of ‘bbl’ On TikTok? The New Trend Explained


TikTok has been an application with exclusive contents. No doubt every other trend of this application is different from others. These trends are way too tricky and simple at the same time. TikTok trends thus have made a special place on the internet. They are very attractive, and almost everyone wants to try these with their friends and families. With trends like the Kink test and Venom tattoo, we have come across millions of creative content for the sole purpose of entertainment.

As we all know, TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing application. It is owned by a Chinese company by the name ByteDance. The application surfaced on the iOS and Android platforms in the year 2017. Since then, it has become one of the highest-grossing applications in the world, ever! Although the application got banned in various countries like India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, it survived in the United States after the country attempted to ban it.

With the ongoing pandemic when people are stuck inside their homes and are filled with stress and anxiety, TikTok is bliss. Meanwhile, fighting with the stress, TikTok is providing its users with entertainment and creativity. Likewise, thousands of people all over the world have got stable employment and fandom with the help of this short video-making application. A big hand behind their success is these small and quirky trends. One such trend has surfaced on the internet recently. It is called the “bbl” trend. But what exactly is the “bbl” trend? Let’s find it out.

What is the meaning of “bbl” on TikTok?

TikTok trends have become a trend in itself. Millions of users of TikTok are eager to follow these trends and get positive responses from their friends, families, and followers. Since its launch in the year 2017, TikTok has witnessed thousands of trends. People all over the world try out these trends with enthusiasm. As a result, thousands have become famous and have got international recognition as well. Recently, a new trend or a new hashtag has gained attention. This is called the “bbl” trend.

TikTok has seen the upsurge of various trends.

Not all trends on this app are easy to grasp. The “bbl” one is one of them, as it just goes with an abbreviation. Originally this abbreviation stands out for “be back later”. But this is not what it means on TikTok. There it has a very different meaning, which is confusing millions of viewers. It is another addition to TikTok’s confusing vocabulary. This time “bbl” stands for the famous plastic surgery procedure. It is an abbreviation for “Brazilian Butt Lift” surgery. Under his, some fat is removed from other parts of the body and is added somewhere around the butt to increase the fat portion. It gives the person the desired posture and body appearance.

The trend has become an instant hit, and TikTokers are following it keenly. Many of them are sharing their experiences after going under the knife to get their desired appearance. In the meantime, others are doing pranks and making fun of people. In one way or the other, almost everyone is following the trend enthusiastically.

More about the “bbl” trend

This trend has been an instant hit and has gained huge attention from viewers all over the world. The Brazilian plastic surgery trend has got a stupendous 1.8 billion views. Many people in western countries have gone under the knife to get these surgeries done. These things are common phenomena internationally and turns out to be an important one for them. Thus, this trend has been one of the most searched and followed ones on TikTok.

many trends are going on TikTok

Not only to be a trendsetter and to follow the trend, but for a better outer appearance, people are going through these “bbl” surgeries and are revealing their experiences on this short video-making application. There is nothing bad with this surgery. All one needs to do is think of the reason before undergoing the knife. Some are doing this to enhance their bodies to boost up their confidence. While others are simply following the trend. Unlike other trends, which lose the hype soon enough, the “bbl” trend is ought to stay a little longer for entertainment.

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