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What Is The I’m getting ripped tonight Challenge? All About The Ongoing Tiktok Trend!

TikTok Challenge

TikTok and changing trends are pretty much synonymous with each other! While some trends are catching on like wildfire, some are trends are getting mixed responses from followers! Now, get ready for the newest trend in town as it is nothing like the ones you saw till now. Get ready to know all about the I’m getting ripped tonight challenge! This challenge has been inspired by Doja Cat’s song D*** that was an early release but suddenly caught the attention and now is a hit TikTok challenge. The TikTok fanatics are at it yet again! The whole I’m getting ripped tonight is getting viral for all the right reasons. So, get ready to get ripped with the right moves and tunes as inspired by this Doja Cat, and Starboi hit.

However, every follower has a different take on the challenge. While some are making a meme out of it, some are dancing to the tunes, and some simply lip-synced the lyrics. This challenge has made its way into the list of some other ongoing trends. Get to know about this new challenge and many others that are doing the rounds on almost on social media platforms. Followers are getting ripped! How? Not by exercising but rather by following this new TikTok challenge in town. If you are looking for more details about this bizarre yet fun TikTok challenge, here’s everything you need to know.

What Is The I’m getting ripped tonight Challenge: Know All About This TikTok Challenge.

While everyone is trying out the newest challenge, one follower was kind enough to give fans a thorough tutorial. First, you need to start off by flexing both arms. After that, you need to lead forward, lift your hands above the head and spin them. Then, you need to dice roll with one hand and pop the body forward. Finally, clap your hands while grooving to the lyrics.

I M Getting Ripped Challenge

Some fans are managing to grab eyeballs by grooving the body, some followers came up with hilarious outcomes. One follower confused her best friend with the raunchy lyrics, and the outcome is hilarious. The video went on to gain 2.6 million views. Moreover, if you are thinking about trying out the best challenge, don’t wait up!

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The Newest TikTok Challenge Is Inspired By Doja Cat’s Hit Song!

The song that is going viral on TikTok, followed by the trending challenge, is created by songwriter and producer StarBoi3 and singing sensation Doja Cat! The song titled D*** has been released back in 2019 but has suddenly been converted into a fun TikTok challenge. Take a look at the raunchy music video song that is becoming a huge hit on TikTok.

The song became an overnight hit with over 1.2M TikTok creations and has been over 4.5M plays on Sound Cloud. Doja Cat’s name is pretty popular when it comes to TikTok Challenges. Similarly, the singer’s fifth single Say So was followed by a number of TikTok dance challenges and became a massive hit with hundreds of followers grooving to the lyrics.

All Of Doja Cat’s Songs Are Ruling TikTok!

Almost all of Doja Cat’s songs are big hits amongst TikTok followers. Moreover, her songs are perfect for TikTok trends as people are dancing, making memes, or innovating various new styles around these songs.  The hit song savage by Megan Thee Stallion took over TikTok, and almost everyone was dancing to the hit song on almost on social media platforms.

Getting ripped challenge

Apart from the I am getting ripped challenge, fans can check out some other interesting challenges, including the chlorophyll drinking challenge, the Savage dance, and many others that follow. Believe it or not, these challenges are actually helping followers get over their deteriorating mental health that saw a surge during the pandemic lockdown. According to reports, people are actually trying out these fun activities that are turning into fun challenges, and these are keeping them stable and happy. So, if you are looking for recommendations, try out the getting ripped challenge!

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