What is the Crying filter on Tiktok and How To Use The Filter?

The latest trend of the filters led people to wonder what is the crying filter on TikTok. The short video-making app like Tiktok has emerged as one of the most downloaded apps in the world. It always manages to hit the headlines, primarily because of its super cool filters. In the last few years, filters took over every social media platform, and undoubtedly they are very popular among people from adults to kids.

From Snapchat to Instagram, they always come up with new filters now and then. The Snapchat crying filter has gained the rightful attention of the fans and following the trend, the crying filter on TikTok is helping the people to get millions of likes.

Although the filter is not quite new to the audience, in recent times, it is the trend on TikTok. Undoubtedly, you too are here to know about this filter on TikTok. If so, then let me tell you that you are at the right place. Here in the article, we will talk about What is Crying Filter on TikTok is. So, without wasting much of our time, let’s get straight onto the topic and find out what is the crying filter on TikTok.

What is the Crying filter on Tiktok? 

The crying filter on TikTok is currently used by millions of users on the lip-sync video making app. The filters make the person looks as if he or she is deeply upset. To be very precise, if you bring the camera in front of your face with this filter on, you will look like you are crying even if you are not.

It is gradually inspired by the snap chat crying filter. For the unversed, Snapchat is also a photo-sharing platform that provides its users, the filters in bulk amounts. It is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially known for its filters.

What is the Crying filter on Tiktok
What is the Crying filter on Tiktok

If you are using TikTok and want to get millions of views on your videos, then surely this filter on TikTok will help you. This latest filter is getting millions of views and likes and people are enjoying using it. But how to get this crying filter on Tiktok. Nonetheless, no worries, next in the article, we will exactly tell you how to get this filter on TikTok step by step.

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How to get the Crying filter on TikTok using snap chat?

The crying Filter is taken from another app that is Snapchat. Don’t get confused, let’s me tell you. The crying filter that is currently trending on TikTok is taken from Snapchat. It means if you need to make the videos on TikTok using this filter,  firstly you need to export the video from snap chat. To be more specific, firstly you need to make a video on snap chat and then export it and then add that to your TikTok trends. But how to do that? Just follow the step given below to get the filter.

  • Step 1: Open your Snapchat. If you are new to snap chat world. First, download the app from the play store and log in.
  • Step 2: Open the snap chat camera.
  • Step 3: Just on the right side of the camera, you will see the filter option, click on that.
Crying filter on tik tok
Homepage for Snapchat


  • Step 4: There is an option of ‘Explore’ on the right-hand side corner. Tap on it.
  • Step 5: Search crying in the filter search option and select the filter.
Different Filter on Snapchat
  • Step 6: Use the filter to make videos and save them to the camera roll.
  • Step 7: Now that your video is ready, open the TikTok app and upload the video to your account.

How to get that filter from Instagram?

People who don’t use Snapchat can make the crying filter video on TikTok using Instagram. Open your Instagram account and then tap on the camera. Search crying in the search filter bar and get your crying filter. Tap on the filter and make the videos. Save the videos to your gallery and then upload the crying filter video on TikTok. Hope the information is helpful and for more updates related to TikTok trends, stay tuned to our website.

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