What Is The Age Of Psy? The Legendary Singer-Songwriter

What is the Age of Psy
What is the Age of Psy

The world has seen rare wonders and Psy was definitely one of them. Be it a child or an adult, everyone knows the steps to the legendary song ‘Gangnam Style’. This artist has really made South Korean music shine in the whole world and made us dance and hum to an unknown language. And who knew that some years later, the whole Korean wave will take over the hearts of the whole world.

Psy, although in his 40s, has this amazing energy and aura which spreads everywhere and energizes everyone. Recently the artist released a long-awaited comeback with his full-length album after a hiatus of five years. The title track of his album was “That That” which was produced by Suga, a member of BTS. And fans have been enchanted with the viral song and its trending dance. We can only be astonished and surprised about how much he has contributed to the music industry, not only in South Korea but the whole world. So let us get to know about the Age of Psy, his career, and much more.

What is the actual age of Psy?

The South Korean singer and songwriter Psy was born on December 31, 1977. Internationally, the age of Psy is currently 44 years old. He is known for his very lovable humorous videos and vibrant stage performances. He debuted under Cream record, then joined YG Entertainment in 2010, and officially left the company on May 15, 2018. The next year, he founded his own company.

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The career of Psy

Psy debuted in January 2001 with his full-length album “Psy from the psycho world”. But he was fined for it for having ‘inappropriate content’ by South Korean government authorities. He released his second album in 2002 named “Sa 2” which again created little controversy. After that he released many albums and suddenly his sixth album “Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 1” grabbed everyone’s attention. The album had the famous song “Gangnam Style” which still holds many records to this date.
Since then he kept releasing super hit songs like “Gentleman”, “Daddy”, “I Luv It” and “New Face”. And recently as we all know he came back with his new album “Psy 9th” which had many collaborations like Suga from BTS, Jessi, Hwasa from Mamamoo, etc.

What is the age of Psy
Psy and Suga of BTS in “That That”

All about Psy’s new company

Yes, after all the success, Psy decided to take things to the next level and founded his own company named P Nation. The first artist he signed was our beloved Jessi. After her, he also signed Hyuna and Dawn (a former member of Pentagon). Further, he and Park Jin Young, the founder of JYP Entertainment collaborated to form a new boy group for each, through “Loud” which aired on June 5, 2021.

Achievements of Psy

The legendary song “Gangnam Style” has won many national and international awards. Along with this, it has even made Guinness World Records like, the first video to be viewed 1 billion times on YouTube and it was also praised as a force for world peace. Along with this, his song “Gentleman” too was the first video to be viewed 2 billion times on YouTube. Along with this he also ranks third on the list of Kpop idols who own the most copyrights, which is given by the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA).

What is the age of Psy
Psy in “Gangnam Style”

Well, Psy is undeniably one of the biggest acts in the world of music. Many of us might still remember dancing to his “Gangnam Style” in our primary or middle classes. The song will forever be the nostalgic song that brings all the friends closer. Whether a person was a good dancer or a bad one, no one could resist dancing to this song. But this was not the end, he continuously proved how good his musicality is by releasing non-stop unique and splendid music that time and again surprised the whole world. Even after a hiatus of five years, he is back with full energy to sway the fans and the world with his unique colours of music and discography. So we can confidently say that Psy IS a legend!

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