What is The 16 Missed Calls Trend on Tiktok?

16 missed calls trend tiktok
16 missed calls trend tiktok

We are here to know about one of the new trends on social media sites that is going viral day by day. You’ve probably heard the lyrics to the song 16 Missed Calls that went viral on social media, mostly TikTok. What is the 16 missed calls trend on Tiktok? Many users make TikTok videos on many songs and search for the lyrics. Over time, it became very popular as we know that Tiktok is known for its new trends. Recently, the viral song 16 Missed Calls has shocked various social media platforms. Everyone is aware that social media is a very powerful way to do something viral in no time. Today, one of the biggest and growing social media platforms is TikTok, where many trends emerge every day, and many people are entertaining.

With this platform, many people become very popular content creators and make money too. Now the platform has come up with another trend that hits the trending area and makes millions of people watch new trending videos. Every day we see many interesting videos and topics on social media platforms, and Tiktok is famous for its short musical videos. This is how people show their talents and earn names and fame in their careers. This was one of the new trends before the chocolate barbie, and now it is the next one at LimeLight. This trending song is sung by a famous singer named Brent Faiyaz, and this song is widely used by TikTok users.

What is the 16 missed calls trend on Tiktok?

There are already tons of videos out there that are going viral on social media, and lots of people are making their own videos for music. So far, viewers are excited to see the ongoing music trend, with millions of people using 16 missed calls songs on their videos and entertaining all TikTok users. This is another trend that has a lot of people around the world, with many people having made their videos and making them go viral on TikTok.

16 missed calls trend tiktok
16 missed calls trend tiktok

Everyone knows that TikTok is a huge platform where different users show their talent by making some videos or entertain everyone by uploading unique funny or creative videos to the platform. In the ongoing trend, many people are showing their different creativity. Most of the platform users show their creativity by creating new things; some motivate others, some try to learn how to make 5-minute crafts, and many other topics are available on the platform.

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16 missed calls Tiktok Trending Songs Viral

As we all know, TikTok has faced a lot of criticism, but it’s not right to criticize any platform for some videos. There are many users who are really talented and show the best of themselves to keep everyone entertained with their full passion. Now the song 16 Missed Calls is getting more and more crowded because many people are using it in their videos on the platform.

Regarding the lyrics, some of the songs have gone viral on social media. Part of the song says, “Come in like a thief in the night. Sixteen missed calls. Sorry, I was busy, but I missed you.” Now this line touched the hearts of some users and motivated them to use it in their videos. It is now developing into a clever trend that almost every TikTok user uses once in their videos. We have always been explaining some real trends and will keep up with more updates like this one.

Where did the song 16 missed calls come from?

When you go to social media sites, you will find that many people make their videos and songs and upload them to social media sites. This song made news headlines. People seem to like this song, and they are showing their love through millions of views and while using the song. You feel very happy, that’s why this song has become so popular lately that many people are looking for it.

16 missed calls trend tiktok
16 missed calls trend tiktok

Singer Brent, who sang 16 missed calls, is an American from Colombia. For most of Brent’s career, he was known by his stage name Brent Faiyaz and had a number of songs. Since starting his career in 2014, his songs can also be found on SoundCloud. He is active on her social media accounts, mostly on Instagram, where he has more than 2.1 million followers with whom he shares her latest updates.

How to trend a video with 16 missed calls?

You can trend 16 missed calls videos by following these simple steps. You don’t need any special art, just your creativity.

First, you need to download Tiktok and create an account

Go to Search and search for a song of 16 missed calls.

Create a video with sound 16 missed calls.

Upload it to Tiktok and edit as you wish.

Check for errors and post with appropriate hashtags.

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